perries little sister ( louis tomlinson love story)ON HOLD

Perrie Edward's little sister Isabella Edwards happens to live with Perrie but what happens when Louis and Eleanor brake up and he falls for izzy and izzy falls for Louis and everyone hates it and they start hateing eachother what will happen if she ends up with another boy from the band will Louis try in his way to get her back or will he sit back and watch as she falls in love with someone different to cover up her feelings for Louis


1. dinner

                                                       perries Pov

                        I walked in the house and heard my sister playing her guitar she loves playing that thing "izzy darling come down stairs you need to eat" I called up to her "comeing Perrie "she yelled back down and raced downstairs she's 20 years old and lives with me but I just can't let her go.her birthday is the same day as Louis. "What's for dinner" she asked "thee girls are comeing over and the boys" I said she smiled slightly that's when I rembered she has a massive crush in Louis . I'm going to the skate park so I don't have to watch Louis and Eleanor snog I'm not in the mood if rather hang out with Megan and Jared at the skate park" she said that's when I knew something was up " what happened between you to this time" I asked and she looked down " he made me feel like I'm a little kid I'm 20 years old I'm not a little kid and he treys setting me up with his friend but I like Jared as well I'd rather be with him then fucking Louis Tomlinson " she said I smiled and hugged her " go have fun but be home for dinner at 10 and please be careful" she smiled "thank you Perrie and I will be " I smiled " you look like mum you know and me I mean we could be sisters you got your belly priced and I got my nose perced "she laughed and grabbed her skateboard and walked out

Ding dong the bell went I went and opened the door to see the boys and the rest of little mix there when Eleanor pushed them to the side along with me and plopped her self on my couch.later that night it was around 9:39 when the door swans open and Jared walked in with izzy she was bruised up and she had her leg in a cast "what in the bloody world happens to you Isabella " Niall asked helping Jared sit her in the recliner "well it looks like I broke my foot" I said "how'd did you do that?" I asked " I did a flip on my skate board and fell and Jared took me to the hospital" she said smile ing at him he smiled back and kissed r on the lips. "I'll come and cheek on you tomorrow love you izzy" Jared said and walked out "since when did you to start this " I asked smiling "now "she said "she deserved it for hitting on you" Lou said Eleanor I heard izzy get out of the recliner "I'm tired of you bitch I hate you you always ruin thing and you Louis I never wanna see you again" she said and she walked in to the kitchen and cryer softly while me and the girls went to comfort he and I heard zayn yell at Louis

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