perries little sister ( louis tomlinson love story)ON HOLD

Perrie Edward's little sister Isabella Edwards happens to live with Perrie but what happens when Louis and Eleanor brake up and he falls for izzy and izzy falls for Louis and everyone hates it and they start hateing eachother what will happen if she ends up with another boy from the band will Louis try in his way to get her back or will he sit back and watch as she falls in love with someone different to cover up her feelings for Louis


6. after there where we are tour

                                                  Isabella's pov 

                               me and niall are still dateing and they are souppose to be coming back from tour today, i was sitting on perries ouch while perrie and megan put up decorations i was dressed in this outfit 

               "you know you could help" megan said "wheres the fun in that" i asked and smiled "if your not gonna do anything go somewhere" perrie said "gladly" i relied and walked out of the house and to star bucks and ordered something to drink i sat at a table once i got my drink and i started playing on my phone looking up sleeping with siren songs and downloading them to my phone."is this seat taken" someone asked "no go right ahead im fixen to leave anyways" i said looking up to see Louis."oh its just you good-bye " i said and waked out the door and walked back to perries house while listiening to ALONE by SLEEPING WITH SIRENS once i walked in  everyone stared at me."dudes i know im pretty but sirouisely dont stare its not nice" i said and walked into the kitchen. but soon regretting my choice to see niall makeing out with a blonde my coffe colided with the ground they turned around i put my hands up "screw this" i said and walked out and out side ad pluged in my headphones i put them on and ran to nialls house to grab my things. 

                                       later that day 

                                  perries pov 

                  "love doors are always open" i said to my little sister."thats not te point perrie im going to the united states or somewhere to get away" she  said "you cant please stay i lost mum and dad i cant lose you"  i  said "fine ill stay but ill be here and only you zayn and megan an know im here "  she said and walked upstairs 


                  next day 

                           isabella's pov 

        the next morning i woke u to my phone playing do it now rember it later by sleeping with sirens it was being blown up but Niall and Louis  so i turned off my ipod and went to get a shower after my shower i got fressed in this 

  i walked down to see Zayn perrie the rest of litte mix megan harry niall liam ad louis all stareing at me "what the hell?" i said and walked out 

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