perries little sister ( louis tomlinson love story)ON HOLD

Perrie Edward's little sister Isabella Edwards happens to live with Perrie but what happens when Louis and Eleanor brake up and he falls for izzy and izzy falls for Louis and everyone hates it and they start hateing eachother what will happen if she ends up with another boy from the band will Louis try in his way to get her back or will he sit back and watch as she falls in love with someone different to cover up her feelings for Louis


5. 3 years later

                                                    Isabella's pov 

                                 i have been dateing Niall for a while now but i always get this wired feeling like i wish it was Louis instead of him but its not louis and now a days Louis ignore's me i have to ge my best friend back.

later that day 

                       "hey Louis" i said as i went and sat next to him."whats the mater niall already broke up with you and you need a friend"he said "no i just need my friend back" i said "yeah and i need the love of my life back but it would happen." he said "oh that slut was the love of your life well then just go sleep around with every girl then you should get your slut back louis" i said "no my love is dateing niall  and i want you back but i cant have you" he said getting up "so we cant be friends anymore" he said and left nialls house."hey where did Louis go" Niall asked "he left um im gonna go hang out with megan and harry ill catch you later Niall" i said walking out of the house but i didnt i went to the park and cryed my eyes when a car pulled up it look like nialls.It turned out it was niall.he walked over to me with a blanket."sweet heart whats wrong why are you upset and its been three hours i wet to megans house they said you never stoped by there." he said "um early when louis was there we were talking i want him as my friend again  i miss being friends with him he said we could never be friends again i miss him" i said crying again."love its ok how about we go home and get some hot chocalet and order some pizza and have a harry potter marathon" he said i smiled and nodded h got up and put the blanket around me and laughed."you cryed so much it froze to your face" he said as we both laughed 

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