Through the darkness.

Through the Darkness is about the girl Violet Soletluna and her brother Victor Soletluna. They grew up in an orphanage when their parents were murdered when they were children, but they are not just people. They are witches and wizards. They must save the world as their parents did. But they run into a bump and must follow every part of a prophecy. Which lead to bringing in innocent people. One Direction members Liam and Harry is now being chosen to have a great destiny, unfortunately it brings them terrible danger and heartbreak knowing Violet.

Read it if you want!:)


2. Jumping Jingerbells.

Great.. Christmas.. In only 10 days. I am just wandering around in the streets of London, no where to go but home. I've just been placed in own apartment, because I'm to old to live there. The snow was literally just hitting me with little punches on my skin.. A little snow storm. Just perfect.


There is about 15 blocks home and no one in the streets. I was walking a ghost town. And I'm freezing too, I hate myself for even leaving the little party at the orphanage. You are such a wise guy, such a little sucker.


"Excuse me, do you know where I am!" A voice said.

I turned around looking for the person, whom I could not see, so yeah.. I stopped for a simple second, and then turned around walking straight into the person.

We slipped and landed in a pile of snow, he started sliding down the little hill with me on him.

"Oh my god, I am so so so sorry!" I said.
"It's okay, I promise you!" he said.

I hurried off him, and got up. He was standing up right after, and started brushing the snow off.

"Where you the one asking where you are?"
"Yeah.. It's kind of dumb, because I live here.. But the snow makes me confused and I am pretty much lost.."
"You are on Oxford Street." I said.
"Really? I am.." he said.
"Yes. Pretty sure, Gucci, Prada.. So on."
"Oh, yeah.. Thanks."
"Your very welcome." I said and was about to walk away.
"Wait.. What's you name?"
"Uhm.. Violet?" I said.
"Hi Violet.. I'm Liam"
"Hello" I just said.
"So, are you close to your home or?"
"Yeah.. 15 streets" I said.

He lost his jaw right there, he looked at me like I was joking.

"So, is that close"
"I've already walked 30, so.. Yeah" I said.
"REALLY? 45 Streets.. No.. Uh eh! You are coming with me, the storm doesn't end until tomorrow morning, and you need to get inside." he said.
"Its okay.. I am used to it."
"Nope come on!" he said.

He started walking but stopped..

"Which way is number 68?" he asked.
"This way" I said.

I started walking and stopped in front of the house.. Expensive apartments.. So he is rich.. Great.

"Ahh yes, my house.." he said.
"Okayy.. Well, I should get going" I said.
"NO.. Get in, or you will freeze your bum off."
"God you are stubborn!"
"God you are polite!" he said..
"Was.. what.."
"Just. Get in" he said.

He walked up and unlocked the door, I sighed and made 'I give up' thing with my arms.

"LIAM? WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!" someone yelled.

I walked up to him and inside, he closed the door and shook his head.. Snow all over the floor.. I don't even want to see my hair..

"Wow.. you look funny" he said.
"Oh noo.."
"Kidding! Nothings funny!" he said.

I just looked at him in a weird way, and then he started laughing.

"Shut it Looouisss" he said and kept laughing..

I started to blush, why did he keep laughing? I tried to hide my face, and he stopped when he saw me..

"Oh.. I didn't mean to.. yeah" he said.
"Just.. it's okay" I said.

He smiled and suddenly another person was in the hall.

"And who is that Liam." he said in a very hello hello voice.

If you know what I mean with the hello hello voice..? Well, never mind.

"That's Violet?" he said and smiled.
"Hello Violet, I am Harry"
"Harry, go back to the living room" Liam said.

Before he could approach me. I felt a little startled over his way, or.. how he said my name..

"He is just.. Harry." he said.

I took off my jacket, and my scarf. He was already done, I was having a small fight with my laces. He chuckled a little bit.

Finally after a small fight, I placed the shoes and looked at Liam.


I nodded and we walked in to the living room, the others was watching a Christmas film and Liam and I joined in.. Only Harry noticing me. I just looked at the t.v screen. I kept feeling the glare from Harry and felt uncomfortable. The film ended and someone turned on the light.

"Truth or dare?... Wait.. you are? How did she.." he mumbled.
"That's Violet. I told her to stay here overnight, the storm outside."
"Oh.. HII THERE! I am Louis."

Two other boys stared at me, they seemed so familiar?

"Hey there, I am Zayn.."
"Niall" the other said with his mouth full.

I smiled and waved a little awkward. They just fell into being comfy..

"Truth or dare!" Louis said all cheery.
"Now.. Don't be mean to Violet!" Niall said.

A girl walked down the stairs and pointed at Louis nose.

"You Louis Tomlinson, dare to call my bum fat!" she said.
"El.. it was Perrie
"My bum is perfect!" another girl said, eating ice.
"Here, here, here, here" four boys sang.

I was in.. okay not shock just.. Overwhelmed, it was like being back at the orphanage.

But probably not all the same, I mean.. Those dares they already said.. Wow.. Not allowed back there.

"Okay.. Truth or dare Violet!" Harry said.
"Okay.. What do we want to know about Violet?"

Louis was fast and jumped over to Harry. Harry smiled a sneaky smile and I must said, I got a little scared.

"What is your favourite animal.." Harry said and laughed.
"See, that's easy an Alaskan Klee kai, the dog." I said.

Everyone's glare fell on me, and then on Liam. Harry looked at me, with a creepy glare..

"What? What is it?" I asked.
"I had an Alaskan Klee Kai.." Liam said.
"Me too, when I was a kid.. We named it Thor, because me and my brother was obsessed with Asgaard and Thor and Loki!" I said.

Liam just looked at me with a cheeky smile.

"My dog's name was Loki."
"Haha.. Funny!" I said and laughed.
"No.. really, his name was Loki.."

Louis went crazy on his phone, and then turned it to me.. It was an Alaskan Klee Kai, and it's name was Loki.. And Liam placed it on that site..

"Okay.. I believe you.."
"Your turn"
"Uhm.. Truth or dare Luke" I said.
"DAAAARE" he said out loud.

Louis was crawling over too me and placed his mouth beside my ear. Then he whispered his dare and I widened my eyes, and I felt my cheeks getting hot.. I was blushing.

"LOUIS, BE NICE!" Eleanor said.

Louis stopped and looked at me and laughed, not loud just chuckled.

"Sorry.. I'll just say it then. Luke we." he pointed at me and back to  himself. "dare you to take all your clothes off and run around in the snow outside, just right in front of the stairs and sing I'm sexy and I know it!"
"I'll do it mate!" he said.

He stood up and started taking off his clothes, first his shirts, then his socks.. Then I was holding my hands in front of my eyes. Everyone laughed and looked walked outside, with the rest right after him.

I took the hands away and giggled for myself.

"Yeah.. they attend to be a little childish." Liam said.
"Oh.. You startled me, I didn't know you were here" I said.
"Sorry, I didn't mean too.. You don't see like all the girls now a days.. How come?" he asked.
"I grew up at an orphanage. Nuns raised me, so. Strictly, don't do that! A lady does not say or do that." I said.

He laughed.

"Even though I have been raised at an orphan, I've had the best life a person could have." I said.
"Yeah.. I understand.." We heard the others come in again laughing. "Better cover your eyes now love" he said.

I smiled and did as he said.

Shortly after I felt a hand on mine, removing them from my face.

"I am not naked any more!" Luke said smiling.
"I can see!" I said and laughed a little.

He sat down and Luke continued, after a while Perrie pointed on me.

"Violet! Truth or dare"
"Truth of course!" Harry said.
"No.. Dare!"
"YEES! Okay! You have to go into the closet and wait for anyone of us, the person who goes in there is allowed to do anything except for sex!" she said.

I smiled, got up and walked into the closet. I sat down and closed my eyes, waiting. I heard the door get open, and stood up, still with my eyes closed.

Suddenly I felt two hands on my waist, pulling me in.

"It is too dark to see anything in here" he said with a made up voice.

I must say, I have no idea who it could be..

"So.. what do you want to do?"
"Dance" he said.
"But there is no music?"
"We'll make our own" he said and pulled me even closer, then he started humming a melody in my ear and I relaxed.

"2 more minutes in there!" Perrie yelled.

He stopped humming and I felt him looking at me.

"I hope.. I wish that this is not the last time we get to do this!" he said.

Then seconds after his lips were on mine, and he took my breath away. WOW.

"Close you eyes now" he said.

I really didn't want too, but I did it. I heard the door open and close, a little after Perrie called to come out.

I walked in there and sat down.

"How was it!"
"Pretty. Damn romantic" I said.

No one gave a hint to who it could be, they just smiled.

"It was the right choice!"

Harry was frowning, like he didn't approve.

"Your turn!"
"Harry! Truth or dare!" I said.
"I dare you to kiss anyone in this room!" I said.

He lightened up and crawled directly towards me, his lips pressed against mine and me feeling uncomfortable.. He smiled and crawled back. Liam was tightening his grip around his arm, so his knuckles were white. I felt bad, it was my dare!

"Truth or dare Liam" Harry said.

No one was breathing in this room, they could all feel the tension between Liam, me, Harry, Liam, Harry and me.. Confusing, I know?

"Dare" he said.
"I dare you too.. give one of the girls a love confession" he said.

Liam got mad now, he stood up and left the room.. Left me even more confused.

"I'll go sort things out.." Niall said and looked disappointed at Harry.

Everyone left to do whatever they did before, except Harry. I tried not to look at Harry, but he kept his eyes on me. I felt really sick about it now.

"So.. did you like the kiss" he asked.

I just.. nodded. He moved closer and sat right beside me now, I felt more alone than ever. I kept twirling my hair around my finger and tried to ignore the fact that he was there.

"I know how you feel" he said.
"What.. What did you say?" I asked.
"I said, I know how you feel.. Alone, empty and.. A monster" he said.

I looked at him, scared of what might slip out of my mouth.

"How.. how" I said.
"I feel the same way.."
"Why would you feel like that, you have all of these great friends.. All I have is no one.. Except for the other children at the orphanage." I said annoyed.
"I know I do.. But it feels like I don't" he said.

I was getting pissed suddenly, I got up and backed away from him.

"You don't know me.. You know nothing about me! Why would you even try to make me feel bad for you! You piss off Liam, and is a total prick!" I said.

Somehow, something made his face go dark.. Real dark, but it turned to sadness instead. I got really scared.

"I know that feeling" he said, got up and left. There is something wicked about these people!

I should never have went inside with them.

"Hey.. I'm hungry, want to help me make some dinner?" Niall asked. "What should it be?"
"Spaghetti and sauce, just the easy dinner ya know"
"I know" I said and smiled.

He started getting the stuff we had to use, I went for chopping onions and so on.. He was making the sauce, while I was done chopping and just sat by the table.

"How come you all together today, right in the snow storm?" "How come you outside?" "Touche.. But why?"
"Well, they have been talking about it for a week, and we knew we would get bored alone. So we decided to get together."
"But aren't you from Ireland?" I asked.
"Yes.. Wait.. You don't know who I am. Not at all.."
"No.. I should? I mean, I just met you guys today."
"One Direction.."
"What about One Direction.. Their just famous lads who has it easy compared to the rest of us.. I don't even see why little Marly likes them."
"We are One Direction.. 5 seconds of summer.. You know."
"What.. no come on, I've like.. stared at them since 2011.. You are not One Direction." I said.
"Well.. sweet Violet, we are.. Take your phone and search for Niall Horan." he said.
"No.. Can't, I have an old phone. No net.."
"How do you live!" he asked.

He took his phone, and searched really fast. "Here you go" he said and gave me the phone. I took it and looked at the picture and Niall.. I nearly dropped it.. But luckily for me, I was smart enough to place it on the table real fast.
"I need to go."
"What are you talking about.. The storm is at its worse" he says and looks at me.
"I can't stay, Sister Marie would strike me for this" I said.

I got up and headed for the door, I grabbed all of my stuff and got it on really fast, grabbing the handle.. But nothing.. I can't leave, I would die. And I promised Sister Marie not to.. mess up again.. She would look at me, get really mad and call me a devil's child. Then hit me several times, until I learn. It's time not to go back, to sent the authorities and help all of them. And my baby brother.

"Violet.. Where are you going?" I heard someone say.

I turned around and saw Niall coming down the stairs followed by Liam.. All in all I just wanted to crawl into his arms and cry my heart out.. Just finally get all those bad memories out, all those punishments. All of the sudden Liam comes over to me, and grabs my cheeks gently.

"Violet, why are you crying."

Niall went white as the walls and looked as if he had seen a ghost. I felt like I was burning, like my eyes were literally on fire. Like I was dying or something, and then everything went black. Completely black.

"Violet my little witch" my mother called out.
"Coming mum" I said.

I remembered it, like it was yesterday. The first day of spring, the smell of wet dirt from the early rain making the ground all soft and green again. Me, wearing my favourite dress and a little bow in my hair. The smell of rain, soon to fall and the flowers soon to be ready to be placed in a beautiful vase.

"Violet, come. We have to hurry down to Grandmother, she cannot wait to see you again."
"Coming, I just need my doll mum."

I grabbed Lucia and hurried after my mum, holding my little brother on her arm. I smiled and walked out the door, only to a day I would never forget. She locked the door and grabbed my hand, leading me towards the car and placing my little brother in his driver seat and helping me on with buckling up. We then started our long journey, towards London. To where my grandmother lives. We drove for a couple of hours and stopped at the little town house as my grandmother called it, except it was just outside of London. So it wasn't a town house.

"My Violet, my little Violet!" my grandmother sang, coming out in bare feet. I loved her. The only 5 year old me at the time, started laughing and jumping to be in my grandmothers arms.

"Violet.. dinner is ready?" Niall said

I opened my eyes and felt the shrives down my spine. I saw the electric things go nuts and tried to calm down.

"NO DEAR LORD NOT THE ELECTRICITY!" someone yelled from upstairs.
"Sorry" I mumbled.
"You are alive" Harry said and moved closer with his face.
"Yeah.. No thanks to you" I said and smiled.

Out of no where it started banging on the door, like a crazy person wanted in! I got up, and something pulled me towards that door. I opened it slowly.

"You got to help us, there is a fire at our orphan, everyone is out and safe at the houses around, but no on will put it out." he yelled.
"It should be out now" I just said.
"Victor.. Victor, what in the name of god are you doing in that weather, will you get in here immediately!" I yelled.

I pulled him inside, felling terrified about might loosing him. He got up, and his nose was almost blue.

"Let me fix that" I whispered.

I placed my hand on his nose, and led all my body heat down to my hand.. He smiled and it was done. I hugged him into me like a maniac.

"Calm down, you've just seen me a couple of hours ago" he said.

He sounded like our father, it was always only happy moments with him.

"Violet who was at the door?" Liam asked coming out.
"My brother. He got lost in the storm, following me!" I said.
"No I..

I placed an elbow in his side and he kept shut.

"Oh well, get that clothes off, and come and eat" he said smiling.
"He reminds me of dad" Victor whispered.
"I know, there is one here who reminds me of Uncle Vlad" I said.
"Oh dear god" my brother said and laughed.
"And you" I said.
"Niall, you better keep those hands off until they come in."
"And you" he said.

We got a small laugh out of it, and then I felt something that I've only felt once before.

"Violet.. did you feel that" Victor said really scared.
"It can't be.."
"13 years" Victor whispered.
"They wouldn't do it here, would they"
"No.. especially not with them in there."
"What do you mean.."
"Their famous.. All of them"
"I didn't believe them" I said.
"You're powers a little rusty.."
"What do you think? How should I be able to train, when those evil ladies were around.. But I am now, everyday."
"How did you end up here?" he asked.
"Long story.."
"Oh.. ups, went into your mind! I knoooow" he said.
"I will curse you to hell and back!" I said.
"You wish!"

He took off his last shoe, and we walked in there.

"Who is this!" Harry said.
"My younger brother"
"Hi vlad.." he said. "Uh.. I mean Harry" he said.
"Why.. Vlad?" Harry asked Louis.

I tried to hide a smile, pretty hard.

"The rest you know from Little Marly." I said.

Victor looked at me, became pale and sent me a little message

She didn't make it, the fire started in her room. The last I heard from her were, it didn't work.. Sorry shadow.

I felt my heart stop, and became totally pale too.

"What is going on with you too." Harry said scared.
"You're not serious" I said.
"Victor, tell me she didn't.. Tell me!" I said.

He just looked down.. And suddenly I couldn't look at anyone in this room.. I walked out of the room and sat down on the stairs.

"She called them back.. how" I whispered to myself.

All of the time, I kept a close look at the shadows, ready to kick them with the light, but nothing.. Nothing at all.

Are you sure Victor, they would have done something now wouldn't they..

Violet... violet.. they tricked me.. I can't believe you are in the same house as One Direction.. They say they will let me go, if you come join them. Don't its dark.


There were the sound of a chair tipping and someone hitting the floor. I hurried back in and saw Victor covered in his own blood.. From his nose.

"WHO DID THAT!" Niall screamed..
"NO ONE!" Zayn screamed back.
"FUCK!" I screamed.

"Lux salvabit nos" I sang.

I kept saying it, and it became lighter in here..

"Yeah see what you can do now bitches!" Victor yelled.

I pushed him to the sofa and made him shut up.. The shadows were screaming because of the light, it was too much! Everyone was screaming, the girls cried and the shadows were gone. For now! I stopped myself.

"Finis" I whispered.

Everyone was quiet, scared and.. overwhelmed.. Their feelings were rushing throw my body and I felt sick.

"Violet.. VIOLET! GET A GRAB ON YOURSELF!" he screamed.
"I can feel their feelings" I said crying.
"Oh.. god" He said.
"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" Liam screamed.
"We really need to go" Victor said.
"The only problem is still the storm" Harry said.
"We are Witches" I said.
"She is.. I am a Warlock kind off"
"STOP THINKING THAT" I screamed at Harry.
"Thinking about us making out" I said and pointed at Harry.

He looked like I hit him. Like I've took he greatest secrets and gave it to everyone.

"I'm so sorry.. I need to get away. Victor, you need to leave, go back to the nuns and be protected."
"What about you"
"The.. The prophecy" I said.
"There is another way" Victor said.
"No.. I have to.. Like mum" I said.
'T LET YOU" he yelled.
"I know you wont. That's why I am finding another witch who can protect you.. You are not safe at the nuns any ways" I said.
"Why not"
"Something is telling me.. Witch Marelian.. In Scotland" I said.
"Who is that?"
"I don't know"

We forgot about the others until my brain exploded with their thoughts.

"Stop thinking so loud!" I said

I can't let her leave.. even though she is a witch she is.. you know.. I.. she.. I danced with her for Christ sake.. Kissed her.

Liam.. Turn it down.

He looked at me, with his big brown eyes. I felt the tears form..

"What if they hurt them" I whispered. "They know them, they've seen them.. They will"
"Then you have to stay close to them, at all times" Victor said.
"I can't."
"Unless you stay with them" he said.
"And then they are even more in danger." I said.
"Better than dead"


That is all people thought at the same time.. I felt sick, I couldn't even look at them.. I was maybe just the reason for their dying.. If they do.

"You have to stay!" Perrie said.
"Yeah, there must be a day the prophecy falls."
"December 24th" I said.
"Great.. On my god damn 22nd birthday people, you hear that!" Louis yelled.
"So so babe" Eleanor said.
"Well... Lets face it, people became witches and warlocks by someone above! Trust me, I saw him the last time. The Shadows wants the strongest witch, and they got her.. But now they are after her kids. So I am doomed" I said.
"Yeah.. Poor Jesus too" Louis said.

I really got frustrated a bit. And my eyes became warm again.

"Violet, your eyes.. They turn red." Victor said.

I blinked a couple of times and the burning stopped.

"Victor.. What is happening to me!" I asked.
"Eyes changing colours.. Eyes changing colours."

His eyes became white and he became stiff, looking right at me.

"Eyes changing colours. Once in every 1000 year a young witch just passed the 18th summer, will be chosen to become the most powerful Witch of all time, two boys will be chosen to protect her in her fight against the shadows. Those boys will be someone she known her whole life, and someone new. They will be trusted strength and speed to protect. She will only get stronger and her eyes will turn Dark Gold when she gets the last power under control. Her hair will turn a colour, not know to anyone until it does."

He came back, my mother.. She warned me about this.. I was going to be a Guardian my whole life, the one to protect the witches.

"What is the last power"
"Control over another persons mind.." he said.
"I am not doing that!" I said.
"Either you will do it, or it will" he said.

So this is wait I've waited for? To let destiny take over my life.. Well I guess it is.

"I need air" I said.
"Get together.. We need to figure this out!" Victor said.
"Victor shut up!" I screamed.

I felt my eyes burn a lot more this time, and I saw Victor try to open his mouth but he couldn't. I screamed and kept screaming. My eyes were on fire! They started cooling down, and I could breath again. I blinked a lot of times to see again.

"Sorry Vic.. Speak" I said..

I felt like a failure, I did what I didn't want to do.

"You're eyes aren't Dark Gold" he said.
"What" I said.

I panicked and walked over to the window, I tried to find colour which was now darkness with small white dots, and some other colour floating around.. And a Dark red ring around it.

"My eyes are the universe" I whispered.

Right when I did that, a bang sounded and I turned around. The most beautiful person was here.

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