Why Can't We Be Friends?

Georgina Bradley is just an ordinary first year witch from a long line of Gryffindor students. Even she knows that Slytherin and Gryffindor to not get along. But when she decides to befriend Slytherin pureblood, Lauren Hagen, it is seen forbidden for a Gryffindor and a Slytherin to be friends. Can Georgina and Lauren change that?


3. Chapter 3

The next morning, Georgina was standing outside her Defence Against the Dark Arts class with the rest of Gryffindor and Slytherin. Then Professor Sheeks led them into the classroom. “OK, now, Miss Anaïs Jenkins will sit with Mr Bilious Impey. Mr Gregory Laidens with Miss Iveta Trail…”


The list went on and on until “Miss Georgina Bradley with Miss Lauren Hagen.” Georgina walked over to the desk Professor Sheeks was pointing at. Both she and Lauren sat down and watched a the last pair, Sheryl and Leigh-Anne Barrowcliffe (a Slytherin girl), sat down. “I didn’t know you were in Slytherin until now.” Georgina told Lauren, looking at her green and silver based uniform.


“Oh really,” Lauren said playfully “I totally knew you were a Gryffindor because the Bradley’s were the one of the longest lines of halfblood witches and wizards ever recorded.”

“Really?” Georgina gasped, “How do you know?” Lauren giggled a little “I found it in a book in the library at home. Being a pureblood and all, I was curious.”


Then Professor Sheeks started the lesson “Today, we while be learning about Doxies,” The classroom filled with mumbles “A Doxy is fairy like creature, also known as the Biting Fairies…”

As the lesson went on the student had to take notes on these strange creatures. Lauren told her that she found a Doxy nest in her cellar but disposed of it before all of the eggs hatched.


After the lesson, Georgina and Lauren were stopped by Talia. “Lauren, what are you doing with that Gryffindor filth?”

“Who are you calling filth?” Georgina glared at her. “Talia, leave us alone.” Lauren snapped. “Lauren Hagen, you know it is forbidden to befriend Gryffindors.” Talia shouted. Lauren sighed then shrugged at Georgina. Talia grabbed Lauren by the ear and led her away.


Izzy came out to joined Georgina. “What happened, Georgie?” she asked her friend. “Oh, err, nothing.” Georgina lied. She wasn’t doing anything wrong. She was just talking to Lauren. Then Talia came over snapped at them. She knew Gryffindor and Slytherin didn’t get on but she didn’t know they were forbidden to be friends.

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