Supernatural AU The Hunger Games

Supernatural AU The Hunger Games
Sam and Dean Winchester live in District 12 of Panem. The time has come for the next Hunger Games. This Quarter Quell gets Sam Winchester reaped, what happens when Dean volunteers for Sam's place?
(Jo Harvelle and Dean romance included)


4. Arriving at the Capital

      Dean hardly noticed himself drift off to sleep, but before he knew it there was knocking on the door and he was told that the train had arrived at the Capital. Dean groaned as he pushed himself off the bed and made way towards the door. Still half asleep Dean slumped his shoulders and nearly tripped on the stairs. Squinting in the bright daylight, Dean followed Jo to the building the Tributes all stayed in. He walked on silently without really noticing where he was going. The Capital was strange, from the clothes to the make-up it was very different from District 12. Dean stumbled into the lift and stood silently trying hard not look at Jo, and trying hard not to feel. He does that a lot, trying not to feel. If he feels he gets emotional, and when that happens nothing good comes out of it. Dean went straight for his be the second he entered his room, he didn't want to feel the luxury of the Capital. Dean couldn't deny that he enjoyed it, but the luxury reminded him of what is to come. Exhausted, Dean retired to the sofa where he tried to block out the thoughts that keep occurring to him. Before he knew it, the door opened and in walked Effie Trinket with a smile upon her face

"I suggest you wash up, dinner is in a hour. I assume you can find your way to the dining room?" Dean nodded and allowed his head to drop on the sofa once more.

An hour later Dean was on his way to dining room, he actually had no idea where he was going so he wandered around when he found a room with a rather large dining table. Dean walked in and awkwardly sat across from Jo.

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