The Untold Story of a Beta (Teen Wolf)

Lucy has had a hard life since her parents got divorced. She hasn't seen her dad in years, and her mother might as well be gone, spending her days buried under a pile of papers. So Lucy's use to her life constantly changing with her mother's job forcing them to move from town to town. But when she relocates to the strange town of Beacon Hills, Lucy soon begins to learn not everything in the small town is what it seems. And as she uncovers the secrets of a world she thought could never exist, she starts to gain the trust of the most unlikeliest friends. But in a place full of death and mystery she might just find herself growing closer to the one thing that is finally worth staying for.


2. Strange Encounters

Chapter 2

  The town isn't anymore then what I expected. There's no big malls or movie theaters. Most of the buildings are average size. The only other buildings that really stand out in the town are the high school, the hospital, and long since abandoned warehouses, towering over everything in the distance. Not to mention the whole town is surrounded by forest farther than the eye can see.

 We soon pull up to a square sized house with a small, manicured lawn in the front and back. I can admit, it is one of the nicer houses I've lived in but it doesn't matter because we probably won't be staying in it for long anyway. We never do.

 The inside's modernism surprises me the most, with a beautifully updated kitchen for my mom, not that she will every cook or eat in there. Most of our furniture has already been pre-moved into the living room and the three spare bedrooms branching off down the winding halls. I already assume my mom has taken the two larger rooms, one for her bedroom the other for her office. Leaving me with a walk in closet sized room, barely big enough to fit my bed and desk without me being squished up against the wall. It's not like my mother cares, she made it quite clear to me from the start that work will always be more important than her own daughter. I've always felt alone since the separation. With my dad around she never use to be so involved with work. We were a real family until the day my mother came home to find filed divorce papers and Dad long gone with all his stuff. After that day she started pulling away from me, taking more late shifts at the office, coming home and going straight to bed. It was a good thing I was old enough to learn how to look after myself or else I might not be alive today. Now we're lucky to speak more than ten words to each other a day. Before I even can set my stuff on my bed I hear my mom go straight to her new office to set up her computer. Personally I'm hoping I don't have to stay to long in this god awful room, its already starting to make me a little cloister phobic.

 That night I try to go to bed early so I'm not tired for my first day at Beacon Hills High. But with no luck after hours of turning restlessly around on the lumpy mattress, and staring at the walls as they close in on what little space I had left in the room I decide to get up and pour a cool glass of water. As I walk down the hall toward the kitchen I hear typing coming from the office. For my mom staying up this late for work is nothing after years of practice. After rummaging through our yet to be unpacked moving boxes I finally find a glass and fill it with tap water. As I'm heading back to my room I pass a large window only to see the yard lite be a almost full moon. Maybe some fresh air would help me take my mind of things. I pad quietly across the hardwood floor, stopping at the door that leads to the back patio. I step out into the cool air and click the door shut behind me being careful not to disturb my mom at this hour, not that she would notice.

 Since I never really checked out the whole perimeter of our new place I didn't realize that our house along with many of the other homes on this side of the block have yards that all back on to the never ending forest. It's quiet unsettling to think about what could be lurking right behind those trees. Just as the horrid thought crosses my mind on cue a large shadow flashes by the trees through the corner of my eye. I step down from the porch and slowly make my way towards the impending forest, but no matter how hard I look there's no further movement. It must have been my eyes playing tricks on me, after all it was a little to late to be playing Sherlock Holmes anyways. I decide that I should probably just go back inside. My hand is just curling around the solid, metal knob of the door when I hear off in the distance, a howl starting out soft and low but quickly rising to a high pitched yelp that raised goosebumps on my arms. The strangest part was I thought I read somewhere that California doesn't have wolves. Not wanting to stick around to find out I hurry inside and run straight to bed. That night as I'm falling asleep I hear not one more howl.

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