The Untold Story of a Beta (Teen Wolf)

Lucy has had a hard life since her parents got divorced. She hasn't seen her dad in years, and her mother might as well be gone, spending her days buried under a pile of papers. So Lucy's use to her life constantly changing with her mother's job forcing them to move from town to town. But when she relocates to the strange town of Beacon Hills, Lucy soon begins to learn not everything in the small town is what it seems. And as she uncovers the secrets of a world she thought could never exist, she starts to gain the trust of the most unlikeliest friends. But in a place full of death and mystery she might just find herself growing closer to the one thing that is finally worth staying for.


5. Scott McCall Is a Horrible Liar

Chapter 5

  I don't know what it is but when I look at this man something inside of me feels uneasy and it doesn't help the fact that the stranger continues to stare right at me. Every nerve in my body is telling me to run, but to make sure I don't look to obvious I start walking at a fast pace which quickly turns into a jog. When I finally look back the man is gone just as fast as he had come. I laugh at myself for being so paranoid as I turn around to come face to face with Scott, standing inches away from me. Being on the edge already from that man I let out a high pitched scream that would put any actress in a horror movie to shame. Scott jumps back in surprise from my sudden outburst

"God Scott you scared the shit out of me!" I yell at him.

"Sorry Lucy I just came to ask you something but never mind..."

what would he want to ask me? "Look Scott I've had a long day just tell me what's on your mind?" he stays silent for a moment.

"I saw you with that guy over there and wanted to know if he had talked to you?" Something in his voice seemed urgent and serious.

"No he was just staring over at me, why do you know him?"

Scott hesitates when answering "No never seen him in my live." I catch the slightest blimp in his voice. But Scott quickly covers it up. "Anyways I got to go, see you at school tomorrow." And with that he walks away.

  If there's one thing I've always been good at its telling if someone's lying or not, and Scott is the worst lyre I've ever seen. Which means he does know who that man was and hopefully why he was staring at me. A small part of me knows that the tall, dark and brooding man back there was dangerous, but another part of me is to curious to give up on finding out what secret this dull town was hiding.

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