The Untold Story of a Beta (Teen Wolf)

Lucy has had a hard life since her parents got divorced. She hasn't seen her dad in years, and her mother might as well be gone, spending her days buried under a pile of papers. So Lucy's use to her life constantly changing with her mother's job forcing them to move from town to town. But when she relocates to the strange town of Beacon Hills, Lucy soon begins to learn not everything in the small town is what it seems. And as she uncovers the secrets of a world she thought could never exist, she starts to gain the trust of the most unlikeliest friends. But in a place full of death and mystery she might just find herself growing closer to the one thing that is finally worth staying for.


8. Defying Stilinski

Chapter 8

  Everything stays silent, but Stiles refuses to let me get out and check on what gruesome scene could await. It doesn't take long before the howls start back up again. This time the eerie sounds seem off, different. It almost sounded like the wolf was giving off a warning to whatever was dumb enough to go up against it, which at this very moment would be Scott. In response another wolf lets out a growl filled with so much rage and raw power, it shakes the ground and rattles the frame of the car. Now there is two wolves going up against Scott, there was no way he would come out of this situation alive. 

I try to get up and look out the window without Stiles noticing, in hopes of catching a glimpse of what exactly I would be up against if I was to unlock the door at this very moment. But my attempt to save the day is cut short when Stiles yanks me by the arm, pulling us back down before I have the chance to get a clear look at the creature. 

"You need to stay down. He can't know you're here." Stiles informs me, his whispering tone coming out in a short hiss. 

"He who?" I ask in a panic, but Stiles refuses to answer. I am starting to get the feeling that this is a lot more than just some wolf gone stray from the forest.

After what feels like hours the wolves cries finally die down and Stiles moves to stretch his stiff limbs. A solid click echoes through the vehicle's interior as he decides to get out and investigate on whether or not Scott's ok. He tells, or rather demands as gently as he can in his soft voice that I stay in the car and do not come out no matter what I may think I see or hear. With out further discussion he slams the door shut and jogs off into the forest.

Moments pass but there's no sign of Stiles or Scott returning. "To hell with this," I think. I will not just stand here while my only friends get ripped to shreds by god knows what. I unlock the door and get out. Walking to the edge of the forest I look for any signs of life, but find nothing more than the deafening silence that filled the car. If Stiles and Scott knew I disobeyed their strict orders they would be furious with me, but I guess if they're both dead it won't really matter. Without one more moment of hesitation I take a long, deep breath, inhaling the night's frigid air and walk straight into the Reserve's forest.

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