The Untold Story of a Beta (Teen Wolf)

Lucy has had a hard life since her parents got divorced. She hasn't seen her dad in years, and her mother might as well be gone, spending her days buried under a pile of papers. So Lucy's use to her life constantly changing with her mother's job forcing them to move from town to town. But when she relocates to the strange town of Beacon Hills, Lucy soon begins to learn not everything in the small town is what it seems. And as she uncovers the secrets of a world she thought could never exist, she starts to gain the trust of the most unlikeliest friends. But in a place full of death and mystery she might just find herself growing closer to the one thing that is finally worth staying for.


7. A Little Too Close For Comfort

Chapter 7

  You know some moms would be a little concerned about their daughter going to meet up with a guy in the woods this late at night but not my mom, she won't even notice the Porsche is missing. It doesn't take me long to find the reserve. Turns out it's right near my house. I pull into the gravel parking lot, the only thing separating me from the dark forest at the moment, and I climb out of the car. Locking the door with a loud click, I follow the trail to the edge of the forest.

Moments later I hear gravel crunching behind me and I turn around to face Scott as he walks towards me. But he's not along behind him someone is getting out of a faded, blue jeep. As they get closer I realize its Stiles. 

"What's Stiles doing here? I thought you said you would come alone." Scott looks at me with a weary expression.

"I figure since Stiles was the one to figure it out before anyone else, he would be the best person to help me tell you." This is getting to weird.

"Tell me what?" the two boys cringe at my raised voice. Scott opens his mouth to speak but is interrupted by a familiar sound starting low but quickly escalating into high pitched howl. 

The howl is close, a little to close for comfort, but when I look up at Scott and Stiles they don't look terrified or even relatively fazed. In fact they look prepared, like they've been in this situation before. Scott waste no time filing back into the role he took on earlier as protecter, pushing me and Stiles towards the Porshe.

"Lucy, listen to me. I want you and Stiles to get in your car and stay there with the doors locked. Don't come out no matter what." Something about his tone tells me I should listen to him without arguing. "Understand?" He asks to confirm and I nod, more out of fear then agreement. 

Stiles pulls me along and it's not long before we break out into a quick jog. The two of us climb into my car, locking the doors and inevitably leaving Scott to defend himself. All the while the animal's howls continue to get closer.

"Lucy calm down. It's going to be ok, just put your head down." With everything going on I hadn't even realized that my hands were shaking. I obey and lean my head down in his lap as Stiles takes my hands in his to stop them from shaking. We sit there in silence as the animal comes closer.

Moments pass without a sound and I'm genuinely starting to get worried about Scott's safety. There's no way he will be able to defend off that wolf all by himself, I have to help. I slowly start to reach for the car door, but Stiles latches out and pulls me back before I can get very far.

"What do you think your doing? If you go out there you'll get yourself killed!" Stiles yells at me, in a tone I had yet to hear the goofball of a boy use.

"But if we stay here and do nothing Scott's out there all by himself to defend against a wolf. He's the one that will end up dead." Everything in my demeanor showed I wasn't joking around, yet Stiles practically laughs at my response. How is he laughing when his friend could be eaten alive? 

"Lucy, you have to trust me when I say this is so much bigger than you could ever imagine. Whatever you think you know about this town, these people is wrong. So when I tell you Scott will be fine protecting himself, I mean it." and just like that he ends the conversation, along with any hopes I had of getting a reasonable explanation.

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