The Holiday That Changed My Life

Tanisha is a ordinary 19 year old girl who goes to university to study medicine cause she want to be a doctor but that comes to a halt when Louis, her worst enemy become much much more.


4. Chapter 4

I woke up the next morning next to a very cute louis who was covered in sand and so was I. I stood up carefully trying not to wake him but in the end I failed.
"where are you going?" he whispered sleepily.
"I'm just gonna take a shower and change, i'll be like 20 minuets." I replied before running to the house.


****at the house**** I got into the shower and took a shower and put an outfit on and curled my hair.I pranced out of my room to the living room where my mum had red puffy eyes, as if she had been crying.
"m-mum whats wrong!?"
"TANISHA! w-where have y-you been?" 
"in the shower. why?"
"we couldn't f-find you and louis we thought you had been kidnapped."
"no we just fell asleep by our old den."
"oh, well never do that you had me worried sick!" she said storming off. I walked to the porch where ellie, harry and louis were sat.Louis was sat on the left swing and ellie and harry were sat on the right one.I ran to the left swing and sat next to louis.
"hey tanie, how was your night?" ellie questioned.
"I should be asking you and harry how your night was." i smirked.Ellie instantly blushed and me and louis burst into a fit of laughter.Harry grabbed elle's hand and said,
"It was fantastic!" he said and winked at ellie.
"I can tell mate, she must be a really good." louis laughed pointing to the several scratches on harry's shoulder.
"you cant talk! you... you kissed tanisha on the beach!" ellie sassed back.
" UUHH excuse me but I'm not the one who had fucking sex with harry the first day I met him." I giggled trying to be sassy.

  ****later that day**** (Louis' p.o.v.)
I trotted up the stairs to go see tanisha who was in her room to remind her to get ready for our night together.I stopped at her door cause i heard he sing the way by ariana grande and mac miller.I opened the door and i saw her reading a book while singing.
"hey." I whispered taking her earphones out of her ears.
"hey, what'd you need?"
"I came to tell you that you need to get ready for my surprise."
"do I need to wear somethin spesific?" 
"yep, something for the beach."
"ok now shoo i need to get dressed."
" ok bye."i said before leaving to get ready myself.

(tanisha's p.o.v.)
I scrambled into the shower and got dressed into my outfit.I walked off to mine and louis' den were I saw the most amazing thing ever! the dens floor was covered in jars with candles in them.I saw louis standing next to 4 baskets.
"louis this looks so amazing!"
"what are we doing?"i said. louis moved towards me with two baskets, which had water balloons in one and cans of silly sting in the other.
"we are going to have a water balloon/silly string fight!"
"you are crazy tomlinson." I said.As soon as i said that a water balloon came to contact to my top and splashed freezing water allover me. "AAGGHH LOUIS YOU'RE GONNA GET IT!"
we ran around a while and got really tired. we layed on the ground and gazed at the stars.
"you wanna go inside and sleep?" lou asked
"yeah." i yawned. lou scooped me up bridal style and carried me of to the house. i changed into my PJs and slipped into bed.louis came in and kissed me on the lips.
"good night baby."
"good night baby girl." louis said and was about to leave but I grabbed his hand.
"but tani-"
"no buts stay."
"ok." he said before climbing into bed with me.I wrapped my arms around him as he did the same to me.
"you know tomorrow i've got a surprise for you."i said.
"ok.lets get some sleep, yeah?"
"sure." i said before falling asleep.
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