The Holiday That Changed My Life

Tanisha is a ordinary 19 year old girl who goes to university to study medicine cause she want to be a doctor but that comes to a halt when Louis, her worst enemy become much much more.


2. Chapter 2

I woke up to the sound of my mum shouting at me to get up and to get ready.I look at my clock and it read 12:23 pm. oh crap!i need to get ready! I thought.i took a shower, brushed my teeth, put on a outfit and grabbed my suit case and met my mum at the car.I put my bag in the back seat and got in the passenger seat and drove off to Ellie's house.

*****at Ellie's house****
  we pulled up in Elle's front garden; Ellie was waiting outside the door to her house. i thought she looked great because of the clothes she was wearing.
"hey Ellie!"I hollered at her hugging her.
"hey tanie i  cant wait!"she squeaked.she had around 4 suite cases with her.
"uhh... Elle you do know we're only going for 2 weeks?"
"i do but we're gonna see cute guys and i wanna be ready for anything!"
I sighed and said "whatever Elle, whatever." we put her suite cases in the trunk of the car and we both hopped into the back seats.we drove to the air port and we got on our plane for California.

(sue's p.o.v.)

we hopped out of the taxi with our suite cases and we were standing in front of the beach house.i could hear talking from the house so that meant that Jay, Sara and Mary were here.
"Girls everyone's here go inside and pick your rooms."I said turning my head to them.I walked into the house and started talking to the ladies.I saw Ellie and Tanisha race up the stairs with their suite cases.

(Tanisha's p.o.v.)

I wondered around to find my favorite room but there were bags on the bed, strange no one else should be here  I thought, so I looked for my second favorite room and thank god no one was there. I ran into the room, placed my bag on the bed and unpacked my bag. I put on my beach clothes and skipped skipped out of the house with my beach towel and sun block.

  *****on the beach*****
  i put my beach towel on the honey gold sand, striped my clothes of until I was in my bikini and ran into the cool water. the cold water cooled my hot skin and relaxed my tense muscles. I always loved the beach it helped me escape my stress and worries in a way."it's starting to get cold i need to get out." I mumbled to myself. I ran out off the water and collapsed onto my beach towel, when I heard foot steps  coming towards me I thought it was Elle so I shrugged it off... but the i heard More footsteps and I became scared. I shut my eye's tight until I felt someone kicking sand  on me,
"HEY!WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?" I hissed whipping the sand of my belly, not bothering to look at the person who kicked sand on me. I looked at the direction the sand was kicked from and there was a boy with straight brown hair and blue eyes, another boy with brown curly hair and emerald green eyes, another boy with blonde hair and sea blue eyes another with light brown skin and black hair and another with slightly curly hair and chocolate brown hair.
"I see nothings changed at all, Tanisha."Louis, the one with straight brown hair, smirked.
"neither have you, loui," I snapped back at Louis. you see, Louis and I weren't the best of friends but we had to pretend to be because of our mums and Louis had always been a jerk to me in the past, calling me names, saying I was fat and just been plain rude towards me.  "I'm gonna go into the water if any of you wanna join."I said running towards the water. I heard foot steps behind me as  the water hit my skin.

(Louis' p.o.v.)

I felt the waves hit my legs as i dived under the sea and swam behind tanie then sprung up behind her and tickling  her waist 'cause I remember her being really ticklish there.
"AARRRGGGHHH, Lou s-stop stop s-stop!"Tanisha squealed as i tickled her.
"ha. yep I was right your still the same."I said, she glared at me but she looked so perfect with the water in her black hair and her lightly tanned skin wet.we just splashed about for 30 minuets or so and then I heard her say,
"I getting out you coming?"
"yeah." I said noticing the boys had left. we stopped when we reached tanie's towel.
"you wanna take a walk with me to our old den, I haven't been there in like forever." she shyly whispered.
"sure, it'll help you burn off that baby fat of yours." I jokingly said. After I said that she grabbed her things and started walking to the house.
"HEY! WHERE ARE YOU GOING, THE DENS THIS WAY!" I shouted at her pointing to the left.

(Tanisha's p.o.v.)

Did he just say that?As i was walking towards the house a tear rolled down my face then an other then an other. A few years back I decided to do something about my weight because of what a certain someone, Louis,said about me being 'fat', and I had just achieved a desirable weight and image and when someone says ' you need to burn some baby fat' completely shattered my self confidence.I entered the house from the back door, ran to my room and cried myself to sleep on my bed.

I woke up to the sound of my mum banging on my door.
"what!" I growled at my mum.
"dinner's ready, love."
"uuggghhhrrr... OK."I groaned. I got up and changed into something more comfortable.
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