The love of me


3. school

When we got to school I was nervous that everyone was going to ask me how I was. I had to deal with it because when your parents die over the summer it is kind of a big deal. I still remember the day my parents and I were in the car accident. I do not know how I lived, the doctors said it was a "mirical".

Our friend Caroline came up gave me a hug and said "omg are you okay, is she okay Bailie". " I am fine Caroline" I replied. When I looked over I saw Mathew an I waved. He did a mean stinky eye at me and I got sad. " Is Mathew the only one who doesn't care that my parents are dead" I said. "He cares it is just he is taking the breakup pretty bad" said Bailie "Enough about boys I am just glad your okay so meet you guys in the next class haha I found out all of our schedules so I have you guys both in my first period" said Caroline walking away.

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