The love of me


4. meeting him

When walking to the bathroom with Bailie we saw a very cute guy (from the back) in the office. "He must be new, and cute from the back. Please be cute, please be cute" said Bailie. "Haha Bailie please" I replied walking to the bathroom when Bailie stayed there waiting to see of he was cute. I went to the bathroom to cheak if I looked funky from rushing this morning. All I saw were my brown eyes and brown straight hair. I looked like a normal 17 year old. As soon as I walked out of the restroom I bumped into somebody. It was the boy from the front office an he was very cute, he has black hair in a quiff "Sorry, I'm Elena" I said. "Sorry I am Zayn". I panicked and walked away. When I walked into class I saw Zayn and I sat next to him and said "you again Haha". "Ya nice to see you too" he replied. All class and all day I helped him to classes and became really close over the next few days. Over two weeks he asked me out and I said yes. I couldn't believe I was dating a hot boy that made me happy. Only everything was not perfect.

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