The love of me


6. getting closer

Was Zayn a vampire, could it possibly be true? Well it is the day to see who he really is. So I went to his house and it was filled with antics that looked very expensive. He asked me why I was there and I said to spend time with him. I was so nervous and scared. Well he gave me a tour. When we finally got to his bedroom I got out of control and I forgot to inject him with revein. The next morning I woke up next to him. Not knowing if he was a vampire or not I loved him. He got up to make coffee and I got up to change. When I got up on his desk I saw a picture of me. Though it wasn't me the picture was in 1864 and it was a girl named Katherine. I didn't have time for this because graduation was tomorrow.I needed to know the truth though. "Zayn who is Katherine, and why does she look like me" I asked."what" he said. "You know what I said tell me the truth". "I can't ". I laughed then grabbed my stuff and left.

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