A Love story (Louis and Harry ff)

Every girl's dream is to live a happy love. Mikki is one of those girls, who wants to be happy with someone she loves,which is Harry. But when she meets him,downtown,they instantly ade in love. They juat dont know they love eachother.
Its a love story,just say yes...


1. Chapter 1.

Mikki's Pov I lazily get up from my slumber"Ugh! Damn first day and im already late! I say hopping straight out of the bed. But, the good thing is,my best friend,Cecilia will hopefully come through for me. I start to do all my morning stuff and I decide to wear some white skinny legs and a gray sweater. I dont have to wear a uniform. I call cecila to see if she filled in for me. M: Hi cece,did u fill in for me? C:Sorry, im under the weather. Really *Cough* sick. M:okay. :c do you want me to get you anythin? C:Yea,just some Nyquil. M:Ew,okay... Bye +end+ I stop at walgreens and give it to her. (While walking) I start to listen to "The monster" by rihanna and suddenly run into someone. "I am so sorry" I say,worried "Its fine,Love" a raspy british voice says. I know this voice. Harry styles. "HAR-" I was cut off "Shh please dont say my name aloud!" He says "Sorry,But why are you downtown? In a boring state?" "Im just here to visit my family for the holidays." He says "Do you know the nearest coffee shop is?" He says. "Actually I do,I just happend to work at one. Would u like to visit mine?" I say,hoping he says yes "yea.Sure" We walk to my coffee shop which is,3 blocks away. We talked and got to know eachotjer. "Here is my coffee shop" I say. We walk in the coffee shop and immediatly was yelled at. "MIKKI, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!, GET YOUR ASS BEHIND THE COUNTER AND SERVE PEOPLE!" My rude boss yells. My bosses name was Robert "Please excuse her sir, she was helping me find this wonderful shop." Harry says. I mouthed to him,"Thank You" behind my boss. Harry was sticking up for me. What a nice thing to happen to a 18 year old girl. ________%___%____%%%%%%%%% Hey guys! Thankx for reading! Hope you guys like! Can you guys please tell me how to change the writing style. ~Mikki
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