A Midwinter Night's Dream

Hermia awaits her father's approval in time for christmas morning, but the clock is ticking... and Demetrius' hands are approaching.


4. A Midwinter's Nightmare

He stalked me through the woods, mimicking how I follow Demetrius around, the only difference my reason to follow him was true, and Lysander's to follow me a cruel, fake, joke. 'Why should you think that I woo in scorn?' he questioned me,'scorn and derision never come in tears!' yet another tear slips down his face,'How can these things in me seem to scorn you, bearing the badge of faith to prove them true?'

'You do advance your cunnings more and more! When truth kills truth, O devilish holy fray! These vows are Hermia's. Will you give her o'er? Your vows to her and me, put in two scales, will even weigh, and both as light as tales.'

'I had no judgement when to her I swore!'

'Nor none, in my mind, now you give her o'er!'

'Demetrius loves her!' he shoots at me, making me hate him even more,'and he loves you not!'

I am about to tell him what feelings race through my mind, when I hear the rustling of twigs by my feet, I glance down to find Demetrius lying there,'O Helena', he says,'goddess, nymph, perfect divine! To what, my love, shall I compare thine eyne? Crystal is muddy. Oh, how ripe in show thy lips, those kissing cherries, tempting grow!' I am too shocked to stop when he grabs my hand,'Oh, let me kiss, this princess of pure white, this seal of bliss!'

I pull my hand back before crying,'O spite! O hell! I see you are all bent to set against me for your merriment. If you were civil and knew courtesy, you would not do me thus much injury! Can you not hate me, as I know you do, but you must join in souls to mock me too? If you were men, as men you are in show, you would not use a gentle lady so to vow, and swear, and superpraise my parts, when I am sure you hate me with your hearts. You both are rivals, and love Hermia, and now both rivals to mock Helena— a trim exploit, a manly enterprise, to conjure tears up in a poor maid’s eyes with your derision! None of noble sort would so offend a virgin, and extort a poor soul’s patience, all to make you sport'.

To speak first is Lysander,'You are unkind, Demetrius. Be not so. You love Hermia, this you know I know! And here, with all good will, with all my heart, in Hermia’s love I yield you up my part. And yours of Helena to me bequeath, whom I do love and will do till my death'.

'Never did mockers waste more than idle breath', I said.

'Lysander, keep thy Hermia. I will none. If e'er I loved her, all that love is gone! And now to Helen is it home returned...and there to remain' They continued to mock, not once abandoning a straight face.

'Helen, it is not so', Lysander said to me.

'Disparage not the faith that thou dost know! Look where thy love come,' Demetrius pointed to Hermia stumbling through the woods scanning her eyes around, not noticing the three of us stuck together, 'yonder is thy dear!'

She looked up suddenly and ran towards us, 'Dark night! That from the eye his function takes! The ear more quick of apprehension makes. Wherein it doth impair the seeing sense, it repairs the hearing double recompense', closer to Lysander she stepped,'thou art not by mine eye, Lysander, I found. Mine ear, I thank it, brought me to thy sound but why unkindly didst thou leave me so?'


There was not one spot of the woods I didn't go through looking for him, my lover Lysander, here he was now with Helena and Demetrius who crept into the woods after us. 'Why should he stay', Lysander began to explain,'whom love doth pressed to go?'

'What love could press Lysander from my side?'

'Lysander's love, that would not let him bide, fair Helena,' I felt like I was encountering another nightmare as he spoke the words that mustn't be true, a joke, a cruel one,'who more engilds the night, than all yon fiery oes and eyes of light.'

'You speak not as you think! It cannot be!' I go light headed, and lean against a tree to avoid fainting.

The cow, Helena spoke shocking me,'Lo, she is one of this confederacy! Now I perceive they have conjoined all three to fashion this false sport, in spite of me.— injurious Hermia! Most ungrateful maid! Have you conspired, have you with these contrived to bait me with this foul derision?'

'I scorn you not! It seems that you scorn me!' I accuse, crying out.

'Have you not set Lysander as in scorn, to follow me and praise my eyes and face? And made your other one, Demetrius - who even but now did spurn me with his foot - to call me goddess, nymph, divine and rare? Wherefore speaks this to her he hates? And wherefore doth Lysander deny your love, so rich within his soul, and tender me, forsooth, affection, but by your setting on, by your consent?' she spits.

'I understand not what you mean by this!'

Helena squinted her eyes in spite of me,'Ay, do. Persevere, counterfeit sad looks, make mouths upon me when I turn my back, wink each at other, hold the sweet jest up— this sport, well carried, shall be chronicled.' If the temperature was a little colder, a little snow on the shoulder would fix all that was done, and one by one we'd wake and enjoy the christmas break. 'If you have any pity, grace, or manners, you would not make me such an argument. But fare ye well. 'Tis partly my own fault, which death or absence soon shall remedy.'

Imbetween the two of us Lysander stepped, bent down onto one knee and spoke up towards Helena,'Stay, gentle Helena. Hear my excuse, my love, my life, my soul, fair Helena'. No longer could I bear the pain pouring out of his mouth, so screamed inside the strength of my body.

'Oh, excellent' Helena muttered to herself, loud enough for the rest to hear.

'Sweet, do not scorn her so', I tried, hoping there was some love for me left inside him.

'If she cannot entreat' Demetrius stepped in, 'I can compel'.

'Thou canst compel no more than she entreat. Thy threats have no more strength than her weak prayers.— Helen, I love thee. By my life, I do. I swear by that which I will lose for thee to prove him false that says I love thee not.'

'I say I love thee more than he can do!'

'If thou say so withdraw...' we wait as he pauses his quiet speech, 'and prove it too!'

'Quick, come' I find everything's happening too fast as Demetrius travels a few meters away from his previous spot. Reflexing, I pull Lysander backwards, stopping him from injuring either himself or Demetrius.

'Away, you!' He shoots at me, but no longer do I care about the harmful things he says.

Demetrius laughs at his struggling body,'No, no. He'll seem to break loose.' A little he steps forward, towards to Lysander's side,'Take on as you would follow, but yet not come! You are a tame man, go!'

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