Baby come back

I slowly opened my bright green eyes excepting to see Liam next to me, he's not the kind of guy to do it and then leave. When I rolled over I saw nothing except the pillow with his sent left on it the only memory I have of him.


1. 2 weeks later

'Knock, Knock' I heard on the door downstairs. I ran down the stairs to see my parents with my little sister, Christina. My mom and dad have no idea why me and Liam don't talk anymore or what happened, I don't plan on telling them either. It's none of their business that I slept with my best friend, if u can even call us that anymore.

Today was our annual Friday night family night. Every Friday they come over and spend the night at my house and we play games and catch up on everything that's happened that week or news they would just like to share.

I led them into my movie room in the basement. I started feeling nauseous on the way down the stairs and the room started spinning and I felt like I was going to pass out.

I woke up in a white room as I looked around I noticed Liam's parents and my parents sitting In chairs around my bed. I shook my dad awake and he jumped up startled and everyone around the room looked up at us.

"Your awake!" They yelled together.

"Who's all here?" They all smiled knowing that I was talking about Liam, asking if he was here.

"His band and him are here, they came home when they found out you are 2 weeks pregnant. Would you like to explain? 2 weeks ago you and Liam had a sleep over all week" they asked while thinking about it.

"Erm, Liam and I did it and I woke up and he was gone and didn't leave a note or anything just disappeared."

Right as the words left my mouth Liam came walking in the door his mates following close behind. I have met the boys a few times before so they all said hello and have me hugs.

"I'm sorry Carrie." He turned to everyone else "may we have a moment alone so I can explain?" They all nodded leaving, my dad a little bit more hesitant than the others. "That morning I left because the boys had called to tell me something, then Simon made us go to the US for a few interviews, I was going to call you so we could talk but all my stuff had gotten stolen off the bus. I was trying to find your number but I couldn't find it and you deleted your social media when you got all the hate" I nodded understanding completely his reasoning for leaving.

"It's okay I forgive you as long as you stay by my side as a father of your baby" he nodded.

"Of course I will I'm in love with you! Your my girl now wether you like it or not"

*A/N sorry about the bad chapter it will get better as it goes and from time to time the chapters will be short like this sorry again -kiss, kiss- .. Love, Cassie*

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