Ma Boyz (One Direction)

hi im not good at writing these but i hope you like it xxx please tell me if im doing a terrible job because i'll delete it xxx thank you xx please could you read Demi's my life xxxxx thanks xxxx

hi my other movella Demi's my life wont be finished because its not publishing anymore and it keeps loosing my chapters even when i press publish sorry xxxxxxx


1. this is me.

hi this is my first fanfic i've ever writen i hope you like it and its not to boring :) xxx

its about a 16 almost 17 year old girl called Hannah who finds out that one of her best friends has killed herself.she thinks that its her fault for not helping.Hannah has an eating disorder, she gets bullied a lot, she selfharms she now finds it hard to both trust people and to let anyone trust her.

she has long brown/blond hair almost bum length.she has green eyes.she is 153cm tall so she gets bullied for being small.she is kind of smart.she is kind,loving,caring and just lovely in general.she LOVES Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, One Direction and little mix the best but music is her life.she LOVES singing but never sings infrint of anyone.she is shy and keeps herself to herself.

Hi my names Hannah im 16 but my birthday is in 2 months. I live with my mum (Sharon) and my big brother (Daniel/Dani) my brother has a girlfriend called Gemma she is nice to me but im not going to get attached because knowing my brother its not going to last very long. well you see my brothers a player because he gets all the girls shasing after him. he says its because hes been working out more but im not sure. Then theres me all alone i have LOADS of people i know and have small talk if we are alone but then i only have a few friends who barely talk to me anymore and then i have two beat mates they are with me all the time but its wierd because me and Chloe are closer than ever before. That might be because we both have depression, we bith have eating dissorders and we both self harm.

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