Ma Boyz (One Direction)

hi im not good at writing these but i hope you like it xxx please tell me if im doing a terrible job because i'll delete it xxx thank you xx please could you read Demi's my life xxxxx thanks xxxx

hi my other movella Demi's my life wont be finished because its not publishing anymore and it keeps loosing my chapters even when i press publish sorry xxxxxxx


2. life

hii thanks for reading your awesome xxxxx

this might sound wierd but my life changed when i bumped into THE freaking Niall Horan while on holiday.

*flash back*

"whats that on your arms??"my friend Hannah asked pointing at my scars. Well Hannah's a year older than me and shes so clever and ibknow she knows wht they are but i couldnt help but burst into tears so i ran as far away as i could but then i bumped into someone i just appologiesed and started running again but thats when they grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a hug calming me down.when Hannah finally found me she said "exuse me who do you think you are hugging my best friend ahe doesnt need you!!" Niall looked up at her and said was it you that made her cry because if it was i do i dont she needs you. i looked up and screamed " omg your soo amazing i love you so much this is like the best day ever"he looked at me then we heared screams so we both ran i pulled him into the gym since it was the closest room to us and i hid him behind the wall and said "dont move what ever you do" i walked outside and loads of girls came up to me an said "have you seen Niall Horan anywere??" i just screamed "omg were come on he has to be in here otherwise it wasnt him" so i took them to the kiddie room and locked them in and said "thats what you get for not letting him have any privicy"

a/n thanks for reading love yaa ill update in a bit xxxxxxx

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