The Day I Won't Ever Forget

That night. I thought it would be the best thing that would ever happened to me, however it turned out to be the worst.


10. Preperations and big news

The scan went well, our baby is healthy, with a strong heartbeat. Seeing the little life on the screen made my heart flutter. That was mine and Ben's little creation. We were going to bring him or her into the world into a happy, and stable family. It's what I've always dreamed of, having a perfect little family, and I think many people would dream of that too. And now I was getting what I've always wanted, and I couldn't be happier. Ben grasped my hand as the nurse pointed out where our babies head was, and as we left the clinic with 2 copies of the baby scan in our hands we couldn't have felt more like a normal, happy couple expecting their first child.

"How do you feel?" Ben asked as we entered the car on the way home.

"Nervous, but actually seeing our baby has made me so much more excited" I smiled.

"Me too" Ben smiled back. "Hey, do you want to go and check out some baby things? I know it's early but we can start getting babygro's or a cot or something"

"Yeah!I'd love that" I replied, grinning, and leaning over to the drivers seat to plant a kiss on his cheek.

Entering the mother and baby store hand in hand with Ben, I looked around, shocked by how many things were there. Rows and rows of different wooden cots and ranges of different colour buggies and strollers all parked up ready to be brought. Even though we didn't know whether the baby was a boy or girl yet, we decided to buy some basic things. A black baby changing bag with a cute teddy on the front, a pack of different coloured bibs, a few soft toys, and we'd ordered a brown wooden cot that would be delivered in a few days.

Once we'd got back to my place weighed down with all of the purchases from the mother and baby store, I decided to sit down with Ben and talk to him about our future. So now we were together, and expecting a baby, and we both wanted our child to have an amazing life and family, and most importantly a loving home. But at the moment we hadn't planned anything at all.

"Ben, I was thinking, We're having a baby, and we're not even living together. Will you please move in here with me?" I rushed the words, suddenly afraid of the reaction I'd get.

"Of course I will!" Ben smiled.

I smiled back, but worries started quickly taking over my mind.

"What's wrong Sammy?" He asked, looking concerned.

"Nothing, just hormones I guess, I'm gonna go and lie down, go home and pack your stuff if you want to, there's a spare key in my bag" I hugged him before slowly walking up the stairs to my bedroom.

I lay ontop of my bed, not even in the covers, while my mind was whirling. I'm so happy right now, I know that, but it feels like things are going to fast. I mean, me and Ben didn't speak for ages, and now he's the father of my baby and he's moving in with me. I know it's what I want, and it's my dream, but I wish things would slow down. I haven't told anyone about my pregnancy, and I'm not really sure what people will make of it, but I know that soon people are going to find out one way or another, so I'd be better off just telling them now. I pick up the phone and dial my parents number.




"Hello?" My mother's voice sounds unusually fragile.

"Mom, are you okay?" I ask, suddenly nervous.

"Fine, darling. I was just about to call you. We've had some news. We're going to be moving away"

"W...what?" I stammered.

"Your dad's been offered a great job, and he can't let an opportunity like this go to waste."

"Oh,erm, right..where is this job?" I can feel a lump rising in my throat

"It's Australia!How great! it's going to be so good.."

I'd tuned out of what she was saying. My parents are moving half way across the world. I'm scared, and pregnant, and I can feel the happiness of today drain away.

What am I going to do without my parents? Maybe when I was younger I thought I didn't need them, that I could cope on my own. But right now, I can't, I was wrong. I need them more than anything. Anything in the world.


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