The Day I Won't Ever Forget

That night. I thought it would be the best thing that would ever happened to me, however it turned out to be the worst.


6. Maybe it was my fault

"DO SOMETHING!" I screamed at Luke.

"I think there's a motorbike in the garage, stay calm" He urged and turned towards the garage door, which was luckily ajar.

"Come on, there are two helmets, we'll see if we can catch up!"

I took the helmet and fastened it onto my head, my hands shaking. I then climbed onto the back of the bike, just as Luke climbed onto the front ,my arms wrapped around him from behind. It was dark by now, the street lights were the only things lighting the way. The lights, and the full moon. I was so worried I didn't even care about the speed we were going, all I cared about was finding Amber. The wind blew my hair around my face, covering my eyes. I saw headlights up ahead, and the car they belonged to took a left turn, and we followed, I knew then; that was the car with Amber inside. The motorbike slowed, and I realised it was because the car infront of us had stopped.

"Be quiet, wait" Luke told me.

"Are you mad? You don't know what they could do to her!" I raised my voice a little too loud and I winced, but luckily the bald man stepping out of the car didn't hear.

"We'll stay calm, just follow me. Let me do the talking" Luke warned me, stepping off the bike and unfastening his helmet and then shaking out his hair. I did the same, and we strode towards the car.

"Decided to join us did you? I don't remember giving you an invitation" Baldy sneered.

"We're just here for Amber..." Luke explained.

"She's busy"

"Busy doing what?!"

"Having fun, with us"


While Luke and the bald guy were talking, I decided to slip away unnoticed and find Amber. I stopped in front of the car. She was there, slouched against the dashboard, her eyes closed.

Pulling the door open I shook Amber's shoulders.

"Amb? Can you hear me?"

"hhmm" Amber groaned, and her eyes slowly flickered open.

"Are you okay?!" I whispered, not wanting anyone to hear me.

"No, Sammy I want to go home..." She whimpered.

I grabbed her body in my hands and dragged her out of the car. She was now sitting on the ground.

"Come on, we can get away!" I said

"STOP!" A voice shouted

We both turned our heads to find a tall man, he had brown hair. And he was holding a gun.

"Step away from her, or I'll shoot" He pointed the gun at me.

"No way am I leaving her, what have you even done to her?!" I screamed, catching Luke 's attention, his jaw dropped when he saw.

I guess I didn't register it then, I was too full of anger to even feel scared that I was having a gun pointed at me. Maybe it was my fault that it happened. Maybe I could've done something to stop it...


Before I knew it he had fired the gun. I heard the bang. I saw the scared and fearful expression in everyone's eyes. Only then did I realised I was still holding Amber, but blood was pouring onto her dress, and the bullet was sticking out of her chest.


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