The Day I Won't Ever Forget

That night. I thought it would be the best thing that would ever happened to me, however it turned out to be the worst.


12. All it took was one song

I woke to my phone ringing. I groaned and reached my arm out to my bedside table and grabbed it, squinting at the screen. The called ID flashed "MUM".

"Shit!" I exclaimed and scrambled about on the floor for my bag.

"Ben I've got to go and pick up my parents from the train station" I shook him awake.

"What? They're coming here?" He asked confused.

"Yeah, I only knew earlier today, I'll go and get them. There's some things we need to talk about baby."

I went over to his side of the bed and placed a kiss on his cheek before leaving the bedroom and whipping out my phone again, dialling my Mum's number.

"Hello,I'm so sorry, I'm on the way right now" I said just as she picked up.

She sighed, "It's fine darling, me and your father are waiting in the café down the road from the station, We would get a taxi or something but we don't know at all where we are."

"Okay, wait there, I'll be there in half and hour or so"

I grabbed my car keys from the kitchen table and opened the front door to get to my car.

30 minutes later and I was no where near the café by the train station. The traffic had hardly moved and the roads were horrendous. Cars beeping at each other, raging drivers shouting out the car windows to each other. To drown out the sounds I switched on the radio and sank back on the padded car seat with my hands on the steering wheel. A song came on which I recognised, but to start with I couldn't remember where I'd heard it. It took until the chorus to come in when I realised exactly where I first heard that song: The Party. That night 3 years ago. The worst night I'd ever experienced and probably ever WOULD experience in my whole life. It was Ben's favourite song at the time which he had on loop for a good 2 hours of the party. It was stuck in my head in the moments of the party that were happy. When we were just teenagers having fun and being free. I never knew when I was singing that song in my head all that time ago that my best friend was about to get killed. It's crazy how one song can bring back thousands of memories. My mind was flashing back to the sights I saw: the car, getting on the back of Luke's motorbike, the gunshot, Amber's limp body in my arms. Tears started stinging my eyes and blurred my vision. I heard a loud car horn over the music, and I looked through the windscreen and noticed through my tear filled eyes that the traffic had gone, and I was free to drive again. So I drove. With all the memories going through my mind, the car behind beeping out for me to speed up. I went faster, screaming in my head for the car to just SHUT UP, I was going as fast as I can. But the driver kept beeping the horn, over and over.

'Fine, I thought' And sped up the car rapidly. 'is this fast enough for you?!'

I kept the high speed going, getting more and more frustrated and angry with the second, and the nagging thoughts of my murdered best friend still clouding over my mind. I didn't realise where I was, I felt light-headed. And when I finally focused it was too late. I was driving straight towards a van coming the opposite way. I slammed on the brakes, and screamed out. But it was no good. I heard the crash, I felt the pain, and then all I saw was black.

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