The Day I Won't Ever Forget

That night. I thought it would be the best thing that would ever happened to me, however it turned out to be the worst.


14. A while later

I'd been discharged from hospital, but soon enough I was took back inside, only for a much better reason. I'd started labor. I was cuddled up with Ben on the sofa when suddenly a crippling pain in my tummy caused me to double over, and without really thinking I knew it was my baby girl, as it was close to my due date. Ben called an ambulance and they soon came, and after an excruciatingly painful drive to the hospital, I was now flat on my back panting heavily while a young looking midwife with her hair pinned back in a bun telling me to 'just keep breathing'. I felt a hand squeeze mine comfortingly; Ben was by my side.

The labor dragged on for around 6 hours, when finally I was giving my last big push and the midwife announced that my baby was a healthy girl. She was placed on top of my chest, where my breathing was starting to steady again, and I looked down at my new baby daughter. She was beautiful, with big blue eyes and a cute button nose. Ben kissed me, and placed his finger in our delicate little babies hand, which then tightened around it.

The next few hours were spent with my sleeping, me and Ben cradling our first child, and friends and family who had heard the news coming to congratulate us. My mom and dad even turned up, and despite me being so nervous about them finding out, they couldn't be mad when they entered the bright hospital room and saw my new baby soundly sleeping in a moses basket next to my bed.

Darkness was settling outside, and it was just me, Ben and our baby huddled together in the hospital room.

"I'm so proud of you, Sammy" Ben told me, tears starting to fill his eyes.

I smiled, "And i'm so proud of us,we have our own little baby girl"

"I've thought of a name" I told Ben, who smiled down at me.

"What is it?" He asked softly.

"Amber, I want to call her Amber"

After my best friend,my beautiful best friend who'd always be in my heart. I looked down at my little world and whispered the name,which I'd always linked with happiness and bubblyness and smiles and fun. "Amber" My new little world.:)

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