Living On

Vanessa Green experienced something that no girl ever should. And she has to live the rest of her life knowing about what had happened. She was the target of one of the most dangerous outlaws in the world. She didn't know why then. She still doesn't now. Can she figure out the motive of the killer and stay prepared for his next strike? Or will she be slaughtered like planned all those years ago?


6. Chapter 5

Forgive and forget. Vanessa repeated this to herself for the last time that day as much as the only time that day. She had started saying that to herself to herself to help forget about the market scene. But the weird man had superglued himself to her brain. No matter what she did, he just wouldn't go. Luckily, two days ago was the day that he did. After that, she forgot why she'd started saying this in the first place so decided to carry on. Now, she had forgiven and forgotten whoever she was supposed to.

The shirt she'd worn at the marketplace was in the bin. She couldn't wear it after that day. It just killed her to remember and not be able to tell anybody without being told she was just "exaggerating the situation".

So anyway, in the last two days, not much had happened. It was just the ordinary stuff you would expect from a 13 year old but for Vanessa, it was way beyond normal. People avoided her because of her past and others backchat her because of her present. She'd steeled herself from these painful jokes - if they were to be considered as jokes - and protected herself from comments - if you could call them that.

Right, back to the main thing. Vanessa met this boy called Josh and... you know the rest. Except for when he asked for her number she told him she didn't have a phone. So he asked for her email. She didn't even know what that was! He'd smiled at her - oh, how she would die for it! - and left.

Vanessa at first thought she would see him again but now she was beginning to think it was just hopeless, this so-called "love life". She was even beginning to wonder if she'd started off with one anyway.

She took her time to move on. But she did. She lived on from that moment to handle the rest of her life.

Poor girl, she thought that was her first and last break-up.

But that's what life is about: living on...

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