Living On

Vanessa Green experienced something that no girl ever should. And she has to live the rest of her life knowing about what had happened. She was the target of one of the most dangerous outlaws in the world. She didn't know why then. She still doesn't now. Can she figure out the motive of the killer and stay prepared for his next strike? Or will she be slaughtered like planned all those years ago?


5. Chapter 4

The marketplace. Vanessa held onto her brother's hand tight, afraid she would get lost if she let go. He was, after all, her only family left. She knew her brother's working had payed off in more than just a place to live. He got almost £50 a week and as small as the amount sounds to you or me, it was actually a reasonable price for them. He did only write reports all day in a gloomy office really far away. Most of that money was spent on the journey there and back in the week which usually left him with £10 left to spend. They got sandwiches here and there otherwise they got packets of sliced bread and a spread to put on it, most of the time it was Strawberry jam or peanut butter but they never got chocolate - it ruined their teeth and they couldn't brush them all the time.

Her brother was 16, 17 this year so it was perfectly legal for him to work. Also, she would do small jobs here and there for a small tip from her neighbours. If she was lucky, they would give her a hot meal which she would take home and share with her brother.

Vanessa spotted a man staring at her. She was wearing her jean jacket, a top which might have been much too small for her and jeans. She couldn't afford shoes so she was wearing her slippers. Embarrassing as it was, she was used to it now. She was 13 after all. Her vest was torn and broken underneath so it looked like she wasn't wearing one at all. Part of her stomach was visible because of the size of her shirt but she had tried her best to pull it down or tuck it into her jeans. She wished she had proper clothing, or a belt.

Last week she had managed to buy a deodorant for herself and a separate one for her brother, to make them smell better. She did smell nice, though. Had she not worn that deodorant, she would've smelled like a garbage truck. If she could, she would've showered every day but where they lived, they didn't have anything but  2 small beds with unwashed bedsheets, a small cupboard for the two of them to put their possessions in and absolutely no bathroom at all.

However, they did have a very nice landowner who would occasionally gift them a small token or something for helping around or a shirt or something. When they were lucky, she would get them a whole set of clothing which meant they would get a whole new outfit that was actually their size. Her brother would get business clothes and Vanessa would get any piece of clothing she needed. Clothing was only an important matter for her brother, suits for his work. Formal and all. But for her, maybe not so much. You see, she saw London as a place where everyone was different and nobody cared. She never cared what anybody thought and nobody cared about what she thought.

The man had left her feeling quite uncomfortable; she wanted to tell her brother about it but she just couldn't bring herself to say it. She had tried to tell him but the conversation wasn't exactly a success. And she was beginning to doubt the man was actually looking at her. What are the chances of that? Like what? One in a million. And if he was, what's the worst that could happen?

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