Not The Usual

We all go to usual schools, right? Yes, but this one is different. This is the story of a talented school, where talented people go to. The best students of schools all around the world go there. Their lives twist there. It's "Not The Usual" school we're talking about. We're talking about Victor Hugo's School.


7. Not The Usual Talks

We have a problem. Some students seem interested in others, and it's complicated. Students might need an SOS. The school has been informed that ten more students were coming the next days. Which means more drama. Students are just dramatic. Really dramatic. After getting the key, everyone went in their own flat. Let's just say, some students were going to kill each other. Like Robert and Taylor. They fought.

"Listen kid. This is our apartment, we share it. And since I'm younger, I'm putting rules. First, you can't get on my side, second, no parties, third, no one comes over, fourth, don't talk to me. Oh and fifth, don't get near my friends." Taylor told Robert, he just liked to boss around. But to his luck, Robert was no one's lapdog. He replied.

"Oh really? If I can't get on your side, you can't get on mine either. I'm older than you, kid. Parties have their own rooms and nightclubs. Anyone can come over. I wouldn't like to talk to a kid and your friends? I'm quite surprised that you have friends. But you know what, don't go near my girlfriend." Robert replied to Taylor. About the girlfriend thing, he's dating Kristen Stewert. They've been dating since the meeting. They kinda knew each other before.

And so you see, they started arguing. I told you, d-r-a-m-a.

Back to the school problems. Perrie and Zayn bumped into each other today. But not normally, Perrie was running in the hallways, she was going to surprise Harry in the cafeteria since they didn't even see each other. She looked back and KABOOM, she bumped into him. It just wasn't all good. "Oh my God. Are you okay? I'm so sorry." Zayn said worriedly, while helping Perrie get up. "Are you hurt?"

"A bit. I can't really feel my right foot. But I'm fine, I'll just go to my room and rest." Perrie reassured him, but she was really hurt. Her foot was a shade of red, and she just couldn't move it. She tried to step on it but it hurt her so much so she let out a tiny scream. "Oh my God..." She held a tear in her eye, she couldn't just cry in front of a stranger, right? Plus, even if she cried, the pain was still there.

"Wait, I'll take you to the nurse. Do you just know where it is?" Zayn asked her. He didn't know since he's new. She nodded. She led him to the nurse, and on the way there, he carried her. Yeah, he's a gentleman. The nurse took Perrie in a room, checked on her and helped her. She sadly broke her foot. Zayn was still waiting for her outside, trying to know what happened. Perrie thanked the nurse and got out to see a worried Zayn. "You broke your foot? God, this is all my fault. I'm really sorry." He apologized, causing her to smile.

"No it's not. I'm the one who fell. Thank you for helping me Anyways, I'm Perrie Edwards." Perrie introduced herself. Zayn smiled, knowing that he'll remember her name and that they'll be good friends.

"I'm Zayn Malik." He said.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, this might be the beginning of a love story. But that doesn't mean there won't be hate. There will, but that's because of the competitions. May I remind you that if you're not good enough, you're out?

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