Not The Usual

We all go to usual schools, right? Yes, but this one is different. This is the story of a talented school, where talented people go to. The best students of schools all around the world go there. Their lives twist there. It's "Not The Usual" school we're talking about. We're talking about Victor Hugo's School.


5. Not The Usual Students 4

"Hello, I'm Taylor Lautner, I was here last year too. Do I have the same apartment?" Taylor asked the lady in the lobby. She typed his name on the computer, and waited for the results. Then she found the useful information, but she somehow couldn't tell him. Taylor was a bit... Harsh. He's usually rude, and he wasn't friendly. At all. He wasn't the nice kind of person, but little did he know that someone likes him. And that someone was the complete opposite.

"Well, Mr Lautner, this year the school receives more students than usual, so you have to share a flat with another student, for a month. Here's your key card, by the way." She said, handing him the card. Before he could reply angrily, two students came in. They walked straight to the lobby. "Oh, Mr Mahone! Ms Stewart! You're back! Here are your key cards!" She said, handing them their cards. They smiled and left. Since Taylor was tired and pissed, he left too, causing the lady to smirk.


*A few hours later*

Four new students walked in, laughing and smiling. They walked towards the lobby, where the same lady was. She smiled at each one of them, recognizing them. "Oh hi, Mr Hemmings, Mr Clifford, Mr Hood and Mr Irwin. Welcome back! Here are your key cards." She gave them their key cards, where the number of their flat was written on its back.

"Thank you!" Ashton thanked her. She smiled, so they walked away, carrying their bags. Many students came back from their countries that week.

"Mrs Gosling, would you mind helping me with conference? I prepared everything, I just need you to inform all the students." The director told her. She quickly nodded and got to work. Since most students came, the director has to talk to all of them at once. She took the microphone, breathed in and turned in on.

"All students, please go to the meeting room. The director would like to talk to you. You have ten minutes. Thank you and please be quiet till then." She said in the microphone.

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