Not The Usual

We all go to usual schools, right? Yes, but this one is different. This is the story of a talented school, where talented people go to. The best students of schools all around the world go there. Their lives twist there. It's "Not The Usual" school we're talking about. We're talking about Victor Hugo's School.


8. Not The Usual Friends

After the "accident" between Perrie and Zayn, Perrie completely forgot about Harry. Jesy was worried, since neither Perrie or Harry came back. Jesy left her room, and went looking for her two friends. If I was her, I'd be worried too. I mean Perrie said she was going to be back. Jesy walked in the hallways, only to bump in Leigh-Anne.

"I'm so sorry." Jesy apologized, and went looking for Perrie and Harry. She didn't understand where on Earth they were.

"HEY! Who are you? And what are you doing? Or who are you looking for?" Leigh didn't stop asking questions to the red haired girl. Jesy was just not in the mood for a person like Leigh-Anne. Perhaps Leigh-Anne had nothing to do, unlike Jesy.

"I'm Jesy Nelson. And I'm looking for my friends, have you by any chance seen a curly haired guy? Or a blond girl with blue eyes?" Jesy asked, trying to find her way.

"Well I'm Leigh-Anne Pinnock. And yes, I saw a curly haired guy, but I'm not sure if he's the one you're looking for. Did he have emerald eyes?" Leigh asked, trying to help. At first, Jesy wasn't interested, but when Leigh-Anne said that she saw a curly haired guy with emerald eyes, Jesy's face light up.

"Yes! That's him! Where was he? Or... Can you come with me? To show me the way?" Jesy asked her new friend. Leigh-Anne nodded, so they both walked around school. "Oh, and did you see the blond girl?" Jesy asked again about Perrie. She was still worried about her best friend.

"Wait... There are many girls with blond hair and blue eyes. But maybe she's the girl who was speaking to a red haired girl? Or the one with crutches? She was walking with my step-brother." Leigh-Anne sighted, remembering Zayn. She hated him, but she was a bit happy that he seemed to like a girl.

"CRUTCHES?! God! That can't be Perrie!" Jesy half yelled. Then she felt bad for yelling at her new friend. "I'm sorry. I just wish it's not her." Jesy apologized, so Leigh-Anne automatically gave her a reassuring -but weak- smile.

They continued their way, until they arrived to where Harry was. He was standing next to two girls: one with brown hair and hazel eyes, and the other one with golden-brown dyed hair and hazel eyes. No wonder Harry was talking to them. I mean, apart from his flirty side, they were cute. Jesy and Leigh-Anne walked towards the three, and Jesy was angry. "Harry! Where to hell were you?! Perrie broke her leg because of you! God!" Jesy sighted, and ran a hand in her red-ish hair. "I'm sorry." She apologized to the two other girls who were lost. Jesy thought she saw them before. Then she remembered that they were the students that came late on the meeting, but she still couldn't remember their names. "Hi, I'm Jesy Nelson. This is Leigh-Anne Pinnock, by the way." She introduced herself to the new students.

"I'm Jade Thirlwall and this is Maia Mitchell." Jade introduced herself and Maia to Jesy and Leigh-Anne.

Now that was a friendly talk. Not for Harry, of course. But the girls were nice to each other. I wish all the students were the same...

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