Broken Princess

Lilly is an ordinary girl with a dark past. She was bullied and alone. So the only hope she had was to cut.One day on her way home she meets a boy. Later Lilly finds out that that boy is Niall Horan from One Direction.After getting to know Niall they start going out. She stopped cutting when she met Niall but now whenever he goes on tour,she goes back to her bad habit. It starts becoming harder and harder for her to hide it from him. All Niall ever wanted to do was protect her but can he protect her from her self.


2. chapter two

Lilly's POV :

I woke up and looked at my phone it was noon. Today was Saturday and I wasn't doing anything. "Maybe I should get up anyway." I thought to myself. After a few minutes I decided to get up. I walked into my small fridge and got some orange juice.

I was about to go in the bath room and get ready to go out. Then I herd someone knock at my door. "Who could that be?" I said to myself. I was about to open the door when I realized my scars were showing. "I better change first."

I picked a gray sweater and some jeans. I herd the knock again. "Just a minute." I said. I put some light makeup on and took my hair out of a bun. I walked to the door and then opened it. When I did I saw him. The boy I met yesterday. He looked just as cute as yesterday.

Niall's POV :

I woke up at about eleven o' clock. "The boys are right I should tell Lilly who I am." I thought to myself. I decided I would go to Lilly's at twelve. I walked out of my hotel room to met up with the boys at Liam's again. As soon as I walked in they were staring at me again.

"What?" I said raising an eyebrow. "Are you going to tell her today?" Zayn asked. "Yeah I'm going to see her in an hour." I said. "Thank god!" yelled Louis. "I thought I was going to force you."

"Well thanks Louie but why would you have to force me?" I said a little confused. "Because your bad with girls." Harry said. "Well thanks, I feel so much better know." I said sarcastically. "You'll be fine." Liam said trying to calm me down.

We all kept talking until it was time for me to leave. "Niall you can do this." Zayn said. "Thanks" I said before walking out the door. But I managed to hear what Louis said before I left. Our little Niall is all grown up now, Harry I need a hug. I rolled my eyes and laughed a little.

I walked down the stairs to the second floor. Then I walked up to Lilly's. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. I herd footsteps on the other side of the door. I waited a few minutes and knocked again. " just a minute." she said. I waited again until the door opened. I smiled at Lilly. She looked really pretty. Her brunette hair was a little wavy. "May I come in?" I asked.

Lilly's POV :

"May I come in?" He asked. "Yeah sure." I said a little shy. "Do you want something to drink?" "No I'm fine thank you" he said smiling. "Lilly I was wondering are you doing anything today?" He asked quietly. "No why?" I said. "I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me today." He asked. "Sure" I said smiling. "Just give me a minute to get ready" I said. He smiled really big and said ok. After I was done getting ready I walked over to him. "Ready?" I asked.

Yeah he said. "So where are we going?" I asked. "To the park I hope you don't mind." He said shyly. " I don't" I said smiling. Soon we were at the park. Their wasn't that many people there but I didn't mind. I felt someone grab my hand and started pulling me towards the swings. I blushed a little when I realized it was him.

"Oh I'm sorry" he said blushing and pulled his hand away. "It's okey I don't mind." I said giggling. I sat on the swing next to him. "Do you want me to push you?" He asked. "If you want." I said smiling. Soon enough he came behind me and started pushing me on the swing. He stopped for a second and I looked up at him.

"Why did you stop?" I asked confused. "Lilly I have something to tell you." "What?" I asked. "Well is it ok if I tell you later?" I questioned. "Sure you can tell me when ever you want to." I smiled. "I wonder what he is going to tell me?" I thought.

Niall's POV :

Lilly and I walked away from the swings. We walked around the park for awhile. "Hey want to play a game?" Lilly asked. "Sure" I said smiling. "Tag." She said and started running away. "Oh no you don't!" I laughed running right behind her. Lilly was pretty fast. After a few minutes I caught up with Lilly. I picked her up from behind.

I started spinning her around and she started laughing. "Put me down." She said in between laughs. "No" I said smiling. "Please put me down." Lily said smiling. "Fine" I said. I put Lilly down she turned and looked up at me.

She was so pretty and nice. I leaned in to kiss her when it started to rain. "We should go" She said looking at the ground. We ran to my car but by the time we got there it was pouring. We got in the car and drove to the hotel. "You can stay at mine if you want." Lilly offered. "Sure" I said. When we got inside I took my jacket off. "I'll be back you can sit on the couch if you want." She said with a smile. She walked out of the room and came back with some towels. "Here you go." Lilly said handing me the towel. "Thank you" I said.

"Do you want to watch a movie?' She asked. "Sure" I replied. "What movie?" "I don't care." I said. Lily put the hunger games in. A few minutes after the movie started I felt something on my shoulder. I turned my head and saw Lilly falling asleep with her head on my shoulder.

I decided not to bother her so I turned the tv off. She was completely asleep when I turned my head again. She was probably uncomfortable. So I carried her bridle style to her room. Lilly snuggled into her pillow and I walked out of her room and fell asleep on the couch.

Lilly's POV :

I woke up in my room and looked around. He must have carried me in here. I walked out of my room to the living room. When I walked into the room I saw him. He was sleeping. He looked so peaceful.

I smiled at how cute he looked when he was sleeping. "Hello there" he said with a smile. "So what did you want to tell me?"I asked. " Well I don't know how to tell you this exactly." he said nervously.

"You can tell me don't worry." I said smiling. "You know how I said I was in a band." "Yeah" I answered. "Lilly I'm Niall Horan from One Direction." He said slowly. "Will things still be the same." Niall said worried.

"Niall why would this change anything, your still the same guy I met on the bench, the same one who spent an entire day with me and the same guy that I like." I said

"Well I guess I have nothing to worry about."Niall said. I looked in his sea blue eyes. Niall got closer to me and our lips were just inches apart. Then I herd a phone ring.Niall got up and answered his phone. While I was thinking about what just happened.


Hey foods if you are still reading don't worry I'm going to update tomorrow it's just I want to publish these two chapters hopefully you like the story

Love you <3 bye

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