Broken Princess

Lilly is an ordinary girl with a dark past. She was bullied and alone. So the only hope she had was to cut.One day on her way home she meets a boy. Later Lilly finds out that that boy is Niall Horan from One Direction.After getting to know Niall they start going out. She stopped cutting when she met Niall but now whenever he goes on tour,she goes back to her bad habit. It starts becoming harder and harder for her to hide it from him. All Niall ever wanted to do was protect her but can he protect her from her self.


6. chapter six

Lilly's POV :

Niall and I walked back to the hotel holding hands. I was really glad he asked me out on a date. I was deep in thought until Niall said "So how was piano lessons?" "Good and how was your day?" I asked him.

"Good I guess." He answered with a half smile. "What happened." I gave him a concerned look. "Nothing" Niall smiled. "If you say so" I smiled back.

We walked to the doors of the hotel. I was about to open it, but Niall held the door open for me instead. "Thank you" I smiled. "Your welcome" Niall laughed. Niall walked me to my room. "I'll see you tomorrow Lilly" Niall smiled.

"Bye Niall" I said. As soon as I said it Niall gave me a kiss on the head. "Bye Lilly" he said walking away.

Niall's POV :

I walked away and went to my room. When I walked into my room I sat on the couch. Then I got up and made myself a sandwich. I looked at my phone and I got a text from Lilly.

Lilly: where are we going for our date?

Me: it's a surprise :)

Lilly: I can't wait.

Me: I have to go meet up with the boys sorry

Lilly: it's okey I have to go too bye

I put my phone in my pocket and walked out of my room. I met up with the lads at Nando's. I walked in and sat next to Liam.

"Hey Niall" Liam said. "Hey" I said. "Did you talk to Lilly?" Zayn asked. "Yeah we're going on a date tomorrow." I smiled. "Thank god ." Louis said. "Haha funny Louie" I rolled my eyes. "Now can we eat I'm staving." I laughed. "I hope you don't find a way to screw up your date." Louie said. "Haha" I said. "Who said I was joking. Louis said.

Lilly's POV :

After texting Niall I put my shoes on. I had to go to the store. I locked my door and walked out of the hotel. I was walked across the street and accidentally walked into a girl.

"Oh I'm sorry" I said. "It's...wait Lilly" the girl said. "Wait Alaina" I said confused. "Yep it's me." Alaina said. "Lilly" she smiled. "How are you?" I asked. "Good I just moved here." She said. "Where are you staying?"I asked. "That's the problem, I don't know where I'm staying." Alaina sighed.

"You can stay with me if you want." I smiled. "Are you sure you don't have to." Alaina asked. "It's fine but I have to go to the store real quick." I smiled.

"Can I come with you?" She said. "Sure." I said. After we went to the store Alaina and I went to my room. It had an extra room in it that I never used. "Lilly how are things for you." "Good" I smiled. "I haven't seen you since you moved." Alaina said.

My smile faded. "Yeah sorry" I said. "It's okey at least I have my best friend back now" Alaina said. I smiled at her. "So what are you doing tomorrow maybe we can catch up?" She suggested.

"I can't tomorrow I'm going on a date." I said. "Is he cute?" Alaina asked. "Yes" I laughed. "Hey want to watch a movie." I suggested.

Niall's POV :

After eating with the lads, Zayn and Liam came to my room. "What's up" I said. "Liam and I just wanted to come and hang out for a while." Zayn said. We talked for a long time. "We should go Liam, Niall has a date tomorrow"Zayn laughed.

"I agree Zayn, Niall might get mad if he is late." Liam said sarcastically. "Shut up" I laughed. "Bye Niall" they both said. It was about nine now. I decided not to bother Lilly, so I went to bed.

.... ...........................

Hey foods sorry I haven't been updating I have been sick and when I felt better my power went out lovely right. Wow the reads and favourites are going up thank you guys and Alaina is my best friends name. Your welcome A. Love you guys bye <3

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