Broken Princess

Lilly is an ordinary girl with a dark past. She was bullied and alone. So the only hope she had was to cut.One day on her way home she meets a boy. Later Lilly finds out that that boy is Niall Horan from One Direction.After getting to know Niall they start going out. She stopped cutting when she met Niall but now whenever he goes on tour,she goes back to her bad habit. It starts becoming harder and harder for her to hide it from him. All Niall ever wanted to do was protect her but can he protect her from her self.


7. chapter seven

Alaina's POV :

Lilly and I were eating roman while watching the big bang theory. "How's your aunt?" I asked Lilly. "Good I guess." She looked down. "I have good new, I'm going to the same school as you." I said excitedly.

"That's great ." She smiled. "Hey what time is it?" Lilly asked me. "Nine thirty" I answered. "Well I have to go to bed." She said. "That's right you don't want to be tired for your hot date." I laughed

"Goodnight Alaina." Lilly laughed rolling her eyes. "Good night fabulous." I smiled. I have never seen Lilly so happy befor. After what happened to her family, for along time she didn't talk to anyone.

Then she left for London with her aunt and I haven't seen her until now. I thought for a couple of minutes and went to bed. Lilly helped me unpack my stuff. I laid down and started to fall asleep.

The next day

I woke up at about one thirty. "Shit" I said to myself. I forgot to help Lilly get ready for her date. I walked into the kitchen and saw a note that said "Alaina I went on my date and will be back in a couple hours. Sorry I didn't wake you but you needed the sleep from your long trip. PS don't burn the place down.

"Wow she really has faith in me." I said to myself.

Lilly's POV : (an hour befor)

I woke up at around twelve. I walked over to my closet and picked out my outfit. I got my grey cardigan, white blouse, black flats, and grey skirt. I left my room and slowly opened Alaina's room door. I was about to wake her up,but I realized that it's better if I let her sleep. I closed her door slowly, got a sticky note and put it on the fridge.

After that walked into the bathroom and took a shower. When I was done getting dressed, I loosely curled my hair. Now that I was completely done, I had time to kill before Niall came.

Then I herd a knock on the door, I walked over to the door. "Well there went my free time." I said to myself. I opens the door for Niall. "Hello lovely" Niall said. I blushed a little when he said it. "You ready to go" Niall asked. "Yeah" I replied. Then Niall intertwined our hand together and we walked out.

"So Niall where are you taking me on our date." I asked. "Nice try princess but it's a surprise." He smiled. "Well I tried." I said laughing.

Niall's POV :

We were walking for a while until we reached my car. I was really nerves after the pep talk the lads gave me. (Flashback) "Now Niall just remember to be your self" Zayn said. "I will." I said. "Don't tell any jokes" Harry said. "At least they aren't as bad as yours" I said rolling my eyes. "Niall he's in man whore mode it's no use" Louis said.

I laughed. "Well I better go" I said to the boys. (Flashback ends)

I drove Lilly to a lake it took me a while to set it up but it was worth it. "Okey Lilly close your eyes." I said. "Okey whatever you say."

Lilly's POV :

Niall helped me walk out of the car."Okey you can open your eyes now." Niall whispered in my ear making me smile. I opened my eyes and saw a tree covered in fairy lights, a cute little picnic and a guitar. "So what do you think" Niall asked a bit nerves. "Niall its lovely." i said smiling."I'm glad you like it." he said smiling. "shall we eat." Niall asked. "Yes" i said.

After we ate Niall got his guitar out and started to play Little Things. I was sitting under the tree listening. Niall was really good and i thought it was really cute. When Niall was done he looked up at me and smiled. "Your really good" i said. "thanks" he smiled. "Lilly will you slow dace with me" Niall asked me shyly. "Sure but there's no music" i said as i started to stand up.

"Oh well." Niall said softly. Niall helped me up and we started to slow dance.I put my head on Niall's shoulder and thought how am i so lucky to have met him. I thought about the past week we had together and how happy i was. Soon Niall and I stopped for a minute. He leaned in and kissed me, I closed my eyes. A few minutes later we both pulled away.

Niall's POV :

 I took a deep breath and said "Lilly it has been two weeks since we met and i was wonder would you be my girlfriend?" Lilly smiled at me and shyly nodded a yes. I gave her a hug and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

We lied under the tree and Lilly snuggled close to me. "Tired princess" I asked. "Yes but I don't want this day to end" she said. "Me nether princess" I smiled. Soon Lilly fell asleep in my arms.Then I picked her up and carried her to the car so I could drive her home.After I got in I looked at Lilly And gave her a kiss on her forehead.


Hello foods im back and you can start fangirling in 3 2 ...1 lol i have been going though some stuff so yeah but ill make it love you all BYE <3

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