Broken Princess

Lilly is an ordinary girl with a dark past. She was bullied and alone. So the only hope she had was to cut.One day on her way home she meets a boy. Later Lilly finds out that that boy is Niall Horan from One Direction.After getting to know Niall they start going out. She stopped cutting when she met Niall but now whenever he goes on tour,she goes back to her bad habit. It starts becoming harder and harder for her to hide it from him. All Niall ever wanted to do was protect her but can he protect her from her self.


4. chapter four

Harry's POV :

The boys and I were sitting on the couch. When Niall walked in the room. "I'm going to go pick up Lilly I'll be back." He said before walking out the door. "I can't wait to meet Lilly." Louie said excitedly. "I wonder if she is hot?" I said.

Then felt someone hit me on my arm. "Ouch" I yelled. "Back off Harold." Louie said. "I was joking" I laughed. "Sure you were Harry." He said sarcastically. We were watching a movie until we heard the door open.

We all turned our heads to see Lilly. She was really pretty. The lads and I ran up to her.

Lilly's POV :

When Niall opened the door I was surprised when I say four boys staring at me. Then they all ran up to me. The first boy I met had green eyes and brunet curly hair. "Hello Lilly my name is Harry." He said smiling. "Hello Harry nice to meet you." I said shyly.

Then a tan boy with dark hair walked up to me. "Hi I'm Zayn."he said. "Hi Zayn." I smiled at him. After Zayn walked away another boy with brunet hair and brown eyes. Came up to me. "My name is Liam" he said. "Nice to meet you Liam."I said

Then a boy with blue eyes and also brunet hair was smiling really big but be he said anything I said "Let me guess your Louis." "How did you know?"he said surprised. "Niall told me on our way here." I laughed

"Thanks a lot Niall you ruined the surprise."Louis said sarcastically."Anytime Louie." Niall said laughing and so the rest of the boys. "Well how long are you two going to stand there?"Liam asked. So Niall and I walked over to the couch. It could fit five people but not six.

So I sat on the floor. "Lilly what are you doing on the floor." Louis asked. "Because there is no room on the couch and I didn't want to push someone off." I replied. "I'll sit on the floor Lilly." Harry said. "You sure." I asked. "Yeah it's fine." He smiled.

So I sat on the couch next to Niall and zayn. Niall smiled at me when I sat next to him.

Niall's POV :

I could easily tell that Harry liked Lilly too. But I can't do anything about it. "Who wants popcorn?" Liam suggested. "Me" Louie yelled. Lilly and I laughed. "Don't even go there Niall you complain your hungry all the time." Louie sassed.

"Looks like someone is sassy today." I said. Lilly laughed and so did the boys. "After a few minutes I heard Liam yell "Popcorns done." Liam got the popcorn and put it in a big bowl. He walked back and gave it to Lilly.

"So what movie are we watching?" She asked. "Child's play" I answerd. Lilly looked a little pale. "Lilly you okey?" I tilted my head. "Well I kinda have a fear of dolls and chucky." Lilly said quietly.

"Don't worry I'm here." I smiled. "Thanks Niall." She smiled. I'm the middle of the movie I felt Lilly hide behind me and hanging on to my shirt really tight. When the movie was over the lads all turned to Lilly who was still hiding behind me.

"Lilly are you okey." Liam asked trying not to laugh. "Yeah I wasn't planing on sleeping tonight anyway." She said quietly. We all laughed and Louie came behind her and said "Don't worry Lilly I'll be your friend till the end." Louie chuckled.

"Louis I will throw popcorn at you."she sassed. "Looks like in not the only one who is sassy." Louie smiled. I just laughed.

Lilly's POV :

The boys kept joking around with me. "Haha very funny guys." I said sarcastically. "Aww Lilly has her shield." Liam said. Then I realized I was still hiding behind Niall. I blushed thinking about it.

"You can stop hiding Lilly the movie is over." Zayn laughed. "At least I still have my popcorn." I said laughing. "What about me?" Niall pouted. "And you Niall." I chuckled. "Come play with me Lilly." Niall said trying to talk like chucky. "On second thought it's just the popcorn and I." I smiled.

Niall grabbed some popcorn and threw it at me. "Well then." I said throwing some back at him. He threw some more at me and stuck his tongue out. I did the same. "Just kiss already!" Louis yelled.

The boys started laughing and I was blushing. "You two already made a mess." Liam said. I looked around and there was popcorn every where. "Sorry Liam I'll clean it up." I smiled at him.

After Niall and I finished cleaning up the mess I looked at my phone. It was 9:30. "Sorry boys I have to go." I said quietly. "Aww" they all said. "Don't leave us Lilly." Harry said. "Please stay." Louis added.

"Sorry but I can't." I chuckled. Then Louis came running up to me and gave me a hug. So did the rest of the boys. "It was lovely meeting you Lilly." Harry smiled. "I'm glad I met all of you too boys." I smiled.

Niall's POV :

I walked Lilly to her room. "So what do you think about the boys." I asked. "They are really cool." She chuckled. "Well I'm glad you had fun." I smiled.

"We'll tell the boys I'll see them soon." "Don't worry I will." I laughed.Lilly walked up to me,stood on her tipi toes and kissed me on the cheek. "Goodnight Niall." She said shyly.


Hello foods another late update I know. But worth it I hope. Omg someone tweeted about my book xD

I know it's not the kiss you wanted but hey I'll get there. Ok comment,like, favorite, and fan LOVE YOU <3 bye

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