When Bell one day walks home alone from work, she bumps, into the feared Harry Styles and his gang.
What will happen?
Can she get away?

Read "POSSESSIVE" to find out! :-D


4. chapter 3

~~I still need to proceed everything Lana told me last night. What did she mean with me being his. I don't even know him, and also the other way around. Will he use me, when he catches me? Will he rape me just like my last boyfriend did?

Why can't I just find aboy, who I love, and someone who also love me? Why does everything have to be so complicated?

I lay in my bed staring at the ceiling. Lana is sleeping next to me. I woke up at 3am this morning. I just couldn't sleep any longer! I can't stop thinking of him. He really scares me!

I grap my phone from the the nightstand. I need some sort of distraction from all my thoughts.


After I've been on the phone for about 1 hour or so, I decide to take a shower.


I walk in to the bathroom, and strip out of all my clohtes. I look at myself in the mirror. What if this Harry guy, is going to see me like this? I'm scared!


Why am I always around at the rong time?


I step into the shower, and let the burning water hit my face. It feel so nice and warm against my skin. I put some conditioner in my hair, and wash it out of my hair. After I used a long amount of time in the show, I step out, and cover myself up with a towel.


I decide to blowdry my hair, cause otherwise it will takea million years!


After doing my thing in the bathroom, I step out, and is met by a pair of eyes.


“JESUS Lana! You scared the shit out of me!”


“Sorry hunny, but you've been in there for 1 hour, and I really need to pee,” she laughs at me.


“You should have seen yourself! Your face was priceless,” She laughs the shit out of herself.


“Didn't you have to use the bathroom?” I hissed.


She stops laughing immediately. She looks at me with a look saying 'I'm sorry' and yet a scared look.




(Jessie J song if you guys wondered)


“You little buthole!!” she laugh.




While I have my own little laughing session, she uses thebathroom. After recovering from my laughing session, I walk over to my wardrob to pick out an outfit for today. I decide to wear my black skinny jeans, my dr.martens sandals, a white shirt and my white blazer.


(Something I would actually wear)

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