When Bell one day walks home alone from work, she bumps, into the feared Harry Styles and his gang.
What will happen?
Can she get away?

Read "POSSESSIVE" to find out! :-D


3. chapter 2

Bell’s P.O.V


They came closer and closer. I was scared to death. I couldn’t see their faces, since it was dark. But something told me that they were about 20 or something.

“What do you say about, me and you go to my place and have a little fun?” one of them said.

“Back of Louis!” the man in front of me yelled.

“Relax I just wanted to have a little fun,” that Louis guy said.

Who were they? That was one of my many questions, which kept running through my head. What if they’re going to rape me? I’m not virgin, but I was forced. I had a boyfriend 8 months ago. He really wanted to have sex. I told him I wasn’t ready. He got so mad that he raped me. I haven’t had a boyfriend since, and I wasn’t planning on getting one until later on.

“P-Please don’t rape me,” I cried.

It didn’t seem like the men heard, because they didn’t react.


One of the men’s phones suddenly rang.

“WHAT?!” the man in front of me yelled at the phone.

“You have got to be kidding me!”

“We’ll be there in 10”

“Bye” He ended the phone call

Thank god my day had just been saved!


“We have got to go babe, but I’ll see you soon. Don’t try to run, because I will find you. Don’t get me wrong, but you’re mine!” He said

“Oh and if people ask if you’re taking, just tell them that his name is Harry Styles!” He said.

I quickly turned around and ran. So his name is Harry. What does he mean with ‘You’re mine?’ I am not his, and I will never be!


One week later

Bell’s P.O.V


It has been a whole week since what happened in that alley. I luckily haven’t heard anything from that Harry Styles. I still have no idea who he is, but I do know that he is dangerous.

I haven’t been at work the whole week, since I didn’t dare to walk out of my door. I just told my boss, that I had catched the flue. He said it was fine, but I needed to come back Monday at 4PM.

My job at Starbucks is just a summer job, since I’m going to attend my last year of high school ‘senior year’ after the summer. I really need to study, so I can’t keep it, although I would really like to. I’m going to miss everyone so much!

Since I didn’t dare to go out I also needed to cancel gymnastics. I just do it for fun. I’m good at it though. But it’s not like I want to live from just doing gymnastics. I want to do something else with my life.


I walked to my room, after sitting long enough in front of the TV. I decided to change in to some new clothes. I stood in front of my dresser. I jumped out of my PJ’s. Now I was left in my bra and panties. I looked at myself in the mirror. I wore my pink bra which happened to match my panties. CUTE.  I must admit, I have a nice looking body. But then again I also practice gymnastics 3 times a week, and I run 2 times a week. So if my body didn’t look okay, there would be something completely wrong.


Suddenly my phone vibrated, signaling that I got a text. I looked at the caller ID

*Unknown* It said.

Cute pink bra, but it would look even hotter, if you didn’t wear anything at all



I quickly ran to my window. There was a big black Range Rover parked outside my house. I was shocked. I quickly closed my curtains.

I can’t believe he found me! How did he even get my number?


I ran downstairs to lock my door. I hate the fact that he may break in to my house and kidnap me or something. I really didn’t want to be alone so I decided to call my best friend Lana.


“Heeeeey Bellz, What up,” she asked


“I just wondered if you wanted to come over?”


“Yearh sure! Sleepover?” she asked.


“Yes that would be awesome!”


“Okay, I’ll be there in 20,” she laughed.





*Later same evening*

Bell’s P.O.V



“So I wondered, do you know who a boy called Harry Styles is?” I asked Lana. She’s been living here in London, much longer then I have. So maybe she knew him, or his reputation.


“Actually I do,” She answered


“Him and his gang, is the most criminal gang in whole London. Wherever he is, bad things always seem to happen,” She said.

“You need to stay away from him, Bell!” she said looking all serious.


“You see the problem is Lana, it don’t seem like he want to let that happen,” I answered looking directly into her eyes.


“Oh no, he’s going to get Bell, and there’s nothing you can do about it… You’re his,” She said with a tear rolling down her chin.



That night I couldn’t sleep.


‘He’s going to get Bell, and there’s nothing you can do about it… You’re his’

That sentence kept running through my head.


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