When Bell one day walks home alone from work, she bumps, into the feared Harry Styles and his gang.
What will happen?
Can she get away?

Read "POSSESSIVE" to find out! :-D


2. Chapter 1

Bell's P.O.V


I woke up a litlle to late this morning, so i hurried out of bed. I needed to be at work in 15 min. So i quickly washed my face, and putted some mascara on. I just letted my hair with a tiny bit of curls, hang loose around my shoulders. 


I ran into the kitchen and grabed my car keys. Just before leaving i grabed an apple, that i could eat on my way. The car ride to work only took 5 min. So that was pretty fast.


I work at Starbucks in London. You see i live in England. 


I looked down at my watch "SHIT", I cursed. I was late..


"BELL!!", I could hear my boss yell.


He walked up to me with an angry expression. 


"You're late" He said, waiting for an explanation.


"I'm so sorry! I woke up just 20 minutes ago", I said, putting on my best smile, hoping it would work.


"Okay, because you're one of my best employees here, i'll let it slip. But  I swear, if it ever happens again, i wont take it so easy!", He said walking of.








"Bye Matt", I yelled, to one of my employees before going home.


It was now dark outside, and creepy as hell! I walked to my car and went in. I tried to start it, but nothing happend. Why do things like this allways happen to me? I guess i will be walking home..







I was now walking down the empty streets of London. I really hate the dark, it creeps me out!! I kept on walking looking down. When i desided to look up, there was standing someone in front of me. 


I quickly turned around, walking in the other direction. But that was untill i noticed an other tall figure.


"What's a beautiful girl like you doing out here all alone?", Someone behind me asked.


"Please let me go", I wispered scared to death.








First chapter.

I hope you guys liked it!

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