Countdown || Hiatus

What if you had a soulmate selected for you, while you were merely a foetus? What if you were born with a countdown timer on your hand? What if only one other person had the same countdown as you?

On one planet, this is not a 'what if', it's a reality.

Melody Essex's countdown is longer than any of her friends'. A few months after she was conceived, her mother became ill. The egg had to be transferred, which was a dangerous procedure. Melody's genetic mother died a week after the transfer. Her birth mother loved her dearly, and so did her father. However, he was rarely around, because he had to go to a therapist many times a week, as he became so depressed when Melody's mother died.

*NOT a One Direction fanfic


4. The End Of The Month

Melody sat at the dining table, silently poking at a potato.

''Scuse me, but I'm going to eat in my room,' Melody sighed.

She sat down on the floor, and put in her headphones. Pompeii by Bastille played, followed by The Sound Of Drums by Chameleon Circuit.

Claire knocked on the door, so quietly that Melody could barely hear it over the sound of her music.

'Come in,' she said.

Claire came in and gave her some hot chocolate.

'It's not very hot, but I know you like it like that.'

Melody thanked her 'mother' and sipped on her hot chocolate quietly. As more songs played, she grew tired, and climbed into her bed. She switched off her music, and swapped her earphones for earplugs. She lived in a very noisy household, which made it hard to sleep. She slipped on an eye mask and fell into a deep sleep.

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