Countdown || Hiatus

What if you had a soulmate selected for you, while you were merely a foetus? What if you were born with a countdown timer on your hand? What if only one other person had the same countdown as you?

On one planet, this is not a 'what if', it's a reality.

Melody Essex's countdown is longer than any of her friends'. A few months after she was conceived, her mother became ill. The egg had to be transferred, which was a dangerous procedure. Melody's genetic mother died a week after the transfer. Her birth mother loved her dearly, and so did her father. However, he was rarely around, because he had to go to a therapist many times a week, as he became so depressed when Melody's mother died.

*NOT a One Direction fanfic


2. Age 14

Most of Melody's friends were due to meet their 'soul mates' this year. Melody had to wait another 9 years before she met her's. Her best friend, Nicole, was meeting him in only one minute.

'Should I stand up? How long have I got? Oh God 50 seconds. What do I do? Is this skirt to short? What if he thinks I'm ugly? Is my hair frizzy? Oh my God only 30 seconds. Mels help me, I'm scared. Okay I'm gonna stand up. No I'm not. Did I put deodorant on this morning?' Nicole sniffed her armpits. 'Yeah I did. Okay calm down. Breathe Nicole. You can do this. 5...4...3...2...1...'

She stood up, and a really cute boy did too. They walked over to each other and introduced themselves. They stared at each others hands. Melody turned her back as they kissed. Nicole appeared in front of her a few moments later.

Melody looked at her, as if to tell her that she wanted to know everything about him.

'Okay, his name's Liam, he seems really nice, and we just arranged to meet  up after school!'


After school ,Melody walked home on her own, and wished she didn't have to wait till she was 23 to meet her soul mate. She probably had at least 100 messages from Nicole within a few hours.

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