Let Me In

First of all this is basically a corny love story but it will be interesting I promise ;D Also (YN) means your name,I prefer to use (YN) in order to include yourself in the story to make it more fun for you to read.So umm thats it don’t wanna give too much away and yeah…Enjoy :D


23. Why is She so Cute?

---------------Ryan's POV---------------

   I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is stretch.I am still pretty tired,what did I do yesterday?Oh wait that's right,I hung out with (YN) all day and we watched movies.I got out of bed and then I head downstairs.I noticed something on the sofa.I looked closer and saw that it was a person but who?I stared at them a bit longer and then it hit me;it was (YN),I completely forgot she had stayed over.I crept down the stairs carefully not wanting to wake her up.I stood a few feet away from her and watched her sleeping face.She looked so calm and peaceful,I really didn't want to disturb her sleeping.I looked down at her face more closely and a smile came across my face.Man,even when she's sleeping she's cute.

   I just remained standing as I watched her sleep,I felt kind of like a creeper maybe I should stop.I noticed something by her chest;I looked closer and saw that it was Tiko,my stuffed white tiger.I suddenly remembered I gave it to her last night to help her sleep.Well,it looks like it worked.I wasn't sure why but watching (YN) sleep was just so fascinating to me.I continued to watch her sleep and she remained calm the entire time.I watched her for quite some time and then I began to notice small movements from her.She moved around a bit more then her eyelids opened up revealing her eyes.I think she noticed me because she looked a bit surprised then she sat up;she looked at me and gave me a half smile.

   "Good morning.",I say.

   "Good morning."

   "How'd you sleep?"

   "Pretty good actually."

   "That's good to hear."

   "When did you wake up?"

   "Not too long ago."

   "How long have you been standing there?"

   "Just a couple of seconds,it looked like you were about to wake up so I waited for you."

   Yes,I lied but I'm not going to tell her,oh yeah I've been here for like a while now just watching you sleep and whatnot.If I told her I was watching her sleep she'd probably get creeped out and never want to come over again.

   "So how did you like my sofa?"

   "Haha it was okay."

   "And my clothes?"

   "Pretty comfy,but probably because they're so baggy on me."

   "Oh I see my clothes aren't good enough for you then."

   "No haha they were nice to sleep in they're just big on me."

   "So are you calling me fat?"

   "No!Hahaha!It's just that your a guy and I'm a girl,and I have a smaller figure than you."

   "Just admit it your calling me fat."

   "Ryan haha I'm not calling you fat!"

   "No it's fine,no need to lie.I'll just go on the subway diet or something."

   I'm joking of course and she laughs.I find it kind of hard to believe because (YN) has never really been able to take a joke before.

   "Did Tiko help?"


   I look to my stuffed tiger and then point to it.She looks down and realizes I mean the stuffed animal.

   "Oh right,I forgot haha.Well I guess he did help."

   "A little or a lot?"

   "Well to be completely honest...it helped a lot."

   "Tiko is not an it."

   "Haha well what do I call him?"


   "Is this really necessary?"

   "Yes,you slept with Tiko and he helped you sleep,so you must in return address him as Tiko."

   "Hahaha okay,Tiko helped a lot."

   "Better!Tiko thanks you haha."

   "Well,I thank Tiko."

   "Tiko says your welcome."

   "Haha what?This is so childish."

   "Doesn't matter,not like anybody is here to see."

   "Something tells me you'd still do childish things even in front of people."

   "Haha your probably right but who really cares."

   We both smile and chuckle softly.I wonder when my mom will get up,I'm pretty sure she'll probably make pancakes or crepes since (YN) is over but that works fine for me!(YN) and I sit in silence for a moment and she ends up looking down.I study her and look at practically every feature of her.Her hair is down and hiding most of her face and she's fidgeting around with her hands.I look from her legs up,she really does look good in my boxers and shirt.Wait what are you doing?Am I checking her out?You can't check her out that's wrong!Just stop it right now!She then lifted her head slightly and flashed me a sweet smile.I didn't give any reaction to it.

   "Umm why are you staring at me like that?"

   Oh crap snap back into reality,just smile and act clueless.

   "Like what?"

   "The way you just were."

   "There was a way?"


   "Oh sorry I guess I just uhh spaced out haha."

   "It's okay,it really did look like you were staring at me though."

   "I'll try to not space out anymore."

   "That's probably a good idea haha."

   Just then my mom began to head down the stairs.(YN) and I looked to her,she of course told (YN) good morning and then me.She asked us if we were hungry but (YN) said she wasn't at the moment.My mom agreed we could eat a little later but she asked (YN) if she felt like having anything in particular.(YN),of course being the sweet girl she is said anything was fine with her.My mom tried to get something out of her but she ended up recommending crepes.I was glad my mom was going to make crepes because her crepes are so boss!

   I was kind of bored because my mom was mainly talking to (YN) while I just sat there listening to their conversation.After a while I gave my mom a look and she got the message.She then decided she should start working on breakfast.She left to start cooking and me and (YN) were now alone in the living room.I suggested for us to go upstairs in my room and she agreed.We went up to my room and we just sat on my bed talking.

   After some time of talking my mom soon came up and told us breakfast was ready.We head down stairs and took a seat at the table;my mom had already served us our plates and gave us forks to eat with.I was the first to take a bite out of my crepe,I looked up and noticed (YN) watching me,I smiled with food still in my mouth.She smiled back and then she cut off a piece of her crepe.I watched her as she took her first bite.

   "How do you like it?"

   "It's really good!"

   "Yup,my mom's crepes are the best!They're even better than the ones at IHop."

   "I've never eaten them at IHop."

   "You should try them so you can compare to see which are better but I mean my moms are the best."

   "Excuse my son's bragging (YN)."

   "Oh I don't mind,haha."

   "Come on mom you should take pride in your boss crepes!"

   "Oh stop it."

   "No,they are really good Michelle.Ryan is right."

   She then looks to me and smiles,I suddenly feel something small tingle inside me but I ignore it.We continue to eat our meal and of course no one can have a meal with the Dawsons without a conversation.When we finished up eating I took everyone's plates to the sink and washed them.When I finished I head back into the living room I heard my mom and (YN) talking;I suddenly heard my name being brought up and I grew a little curious,I decided to ease drop.I stood quietly not far from them making sure I was able to hear every word they said.

   "How has Ryan been (YN)?"

   "Oh he's been fine."

   "Not anything strange?Has he been nice to you?"

   "Haha yes,he's very sweet."

   "That's good,I'm just so glad you two are friends again.He seemed so down when you two were in a fight."

   "I'm really sorry about that."

   "Oh it's fine,I mean you two are friends again and that's all that matters.I'm just glad Ryan has a friend now,he seems so much happier."


   "Well Ryan had a tough childhood,I mean it mainly has to do with his father leaving us but it effected him in more ways than one could imagine.Even I can't believe it myself sometimes."

   "What do you mean?"

   "Didn't Ryan tell you about his father?"

   "Yes he did but you make it sound like there's more to it."

   "Well,Ryan was-,"

   I immediately walk into the room and make it noticeable to both of them.I act like I didn't hear anything and I allow a smile on my face.My mom and (YN) both looked to me.

   "What are you two ladies talking about?"

   "Just some girl talk is all."

   Really mom?Your gonna lie to my face,well alright then.

   "Like what?"

   "We were actually talking about you."

   I look to (YN).Well she had no shame in admitting it.

   "What about me?"

   "Just some stuff she shared with me that you don't."

   "Like how amazing of a son I am."

   "Yes because my son is just so perfect." said my mom.

   "I know right."

   (YN) smiles and laughs lightly,I stare at her and I immediately look away when I realize that I find it to be cute.My mom then asks (YN) if she'd like to go home now.(YN) looked to me and then back at my mom,she said that she thinks she should go now.My mom agreed to take her and told her that her clothes was upstairs by her bed.(YN) then head upstairs and I followed behind her.She head into my mom's room and I head into mine so I could change.When I finished getting ready I head out of my room and I ended up bumping into (YN).I smiled at her and she smiled back but then she looked down tucking her hair behind her ear;she looked so cute doing that.Wait what am I thinking?Just ignore the thought,it was nothing.She held something in her hands.

   "What's that?"

   She looked back up and handed what was in her hands to me.

   "Oh it's your clothes,thanks for letting me borrow them."

   "No problem,besides seeing you in them was enough a thank you for me."

   She looked down again shyly.She's so cute when she does that...wait why do I keep thinking that?What the hell!Why am I suddenly thinking everything she does is cute and why the hell did I say that,it's just crude!I ignore the thought and take the clothes from her.I toss them in the dirty clothes then we both head downstairs.My mom is ready and waiting,we both head out the door and into the car.I take the passenger's seat and (YN) takes the seat behind my mom.We drive off and my mom,as usual,is making most of the conversation for the drive.We soon arrive at (YN)'s house and I decide to walk her out.We walk up to the front of her house and stand in front of her door.

   "So umm thank you for letting me stay over,I'm sorry to have inconvenienced you and your mom."

   "It's cool really,we enjoyed having you over."

   "Haha well tell your mom thank you for everything and that I had a great time."

   "I'll let her know.Tell your mom thank you for allowing you to stay over."


   "Who knows,maybe next time it'll be your house."

   She smiles then looks down and she looks back up smiling sweetly.I feel a slight tingle run through my body but I ignore it.

   "Well I'll see you later."

   "Okay,bye.Thanks again."

   And with that she walked into her house and I left going into the car.I put on my seat belt and I looked over to my mom who was smiling at me.

   "Umm (YN) said thanks for everything."

   "That's sweet of her,I really enjoyed having her over.Did you?"

   "Well she's my friend."

   "Are you sure you two aren't secretly dating behind my back?"

   "God mom no!Were just friends."

   "Oh fine,I guess the real question is do you want to stay as just friends."

   "What is that supposed to mean?",I say annoyed.

   "You know exactly what it means."

   "Mom why does it matter?!"

   "I'm a mom and I'm curious,I support your answer 100% unless of course you say no then I don't know what's wrong with you."

   "Why are you so eager about the thought of (YN) and I?"

   "Because you two are adorable together,and if you're going to have your first girlfriend,I'd prefer it to be her."

   "Were friends mom.Just friends."

   "For now."

   I roll my eyes and we drive off back to the house.

   ---------------(YN)'S POV---------------

   As I walked into my room I was just so glad to be home.I mean it's not like I was gone for long but I did miss laying on my bed.I hopped onto my bed and closed my eyes for a moment;when I opened them I decided to check on my mom.I walked towards the door to her room and then opened it slightly.I saw her sleeping peacefully;I suddenly began to remember the other day when she had one of her nightmares.The thought sent chills throughout my body and I closed the door.I immediately shook the thought out of my mind then head into the living room.I turned on the TV and just sat there watching it.

   When my mom woke up it was already close to noon,I heard her door open and footsteps making their way to the living room.I ignored her of course and I heard her footsteps leave the living room.She probably went to the bathroom to wash her face or something.She came back soon after but she didn't say a word.I stayed quiet ignoring her presence but I could feel her eyes on me.

   "How was Michelle's?"

   I look back to her with a blank expression.

   "It was nice."

   "I'm glad you liked it.Maybe I'll let you go over some more."

   I don't say anything back,I just look to her with my blank expression then I look down and turn my attention towards the TV.


   I look to her and she has her arms crossed over her chest.Her posture makes it look as if she's nervous.

   "Look I just want you to know that I'm really really sorry about the other day."

   "You're always sorry."

   "I know but I just feel like your upset with me and I want you to know that I feel terrible about what happened.I just have no control sometimes...it's hard for me."

   "Yeah I know..."

   "Is it the same for you?"

   "No not really...I mean I think about it sometimes but I don't usually let it get to me."

   "Oh I wish I could do that,maybe it'd help out a lot."


   "Does Ryan help?"

   "What do you mean?"

   "If he makes it easier for you to deal with everything."

   "I don't know...I guess so..."

   "I wish I had that."


   "Well no,but someone like him;I mean just someone I can trust you know?Someone who can make me smile and light up my day just the way he does for you."


   "I don't know if you noticed (YN) but lately you have been smiling a lot more and I can see that.You're happier now and I'm just glad you are.I'm really thankful you met Ryan."


   I'm not sure how to react to everything she's saying;I'm kind of in shock actually to think that my mother actually pays attention to me and notices the small things about me even when the time she spends with me is scarce.I'm also pretty surprised to hear that I have been smiling a lot more apparently.I think about it for some time and I realize I have been smiling a lot,at least when I'm with Ryan.I just can't believe that not too long ago I was this shy,unsocial,awkward girl who had no interest in socializing and now I'm still pretty much the same girl...but when I'm with Ryan,I'm someone completely different.I feel so carefree and happy.I'm always smiling and we always goof off together.In my whole life I don't think I've even laughed as much as I have with Ryan.It's funny really,when I first met Ryan I was so confused and I wanted nothing to do with him.Now,I just find myself eager to go to school knowing I'll see him.For such a long time I've thought having friends was a waste of time and would only revive the pain of my unwanted memory but it's really the opposite.Ryan makes me smile,and what's strange is when we say goodbye I don't want him to go.Having him around is much more fun than staying in a house all day.I'm really glad I met Ryan,we've had a few minor bumps on the road but I know he'll always be there,he promised after all.I look to my pinky then allow a smile to come across my face.

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