Let Me In

First of all this is basically a corny love story but it will be interesting I promise ;D Also (YN) means your name,I prefer to use (YN) in order to include yourself in the story to make it more fun for you to read.So umm thats it don’t wanna give too much away and yeah…Enjoy :D


24. She's a Prize

   The weekend passed by and on Monday morning I got up and ready.I ate a small breakfast then head into the living room.I went to go grab my backpack but I couldn't find it.I checked my room and the living room but it wasn't there.I started panicking because would be over soon and I didn't have  my backpack.I needed it for school,how was I going to go to school without my backpack?All my supplies are in there!I continued to look around but nothing.I heard a knock at the door and I knew it was Ryan.Oh crap,now what am I going to do?I went to go answer the door,I saw Ryan standing there smiling.

   "Hey forget something?"

   He then pulls out my backpack from behind him.

   "Wh-where did you-"

   "You left it at my house.I found it in my room after you left,I guess you forgot it."

   I take my backpack from him and I can't help but feel stupid.I can't believe I forgot my backpack,everything I need for school is in there.

   "By the way I swear I didn't snoop through it."

   I smile and then close my door;we walk off to school like usual.When we walk onto the school campus I notice some people looking at us,I'm kind of used to this by now but it still bothers me a little.Ryan walks me to class and then hugs me goodbye when he leaves.Class is the same as always and so is every other period of the day.Fourth period went by pretty quickly to me.Ryan and I walked out of class and I noticed that there were Buddy Dinner Flyers and posters all around the school.At lunch Ryan and I sat by my tree and we just talked and laughed.

   By the time I got to sixth period I realized that in every period some people were talking about Buddy Dinner already,well it seems like it's a trending topic now.At the end of class Ryan and I walk out together;as we leave school campus a guy goes up to us and hands us each a flyer.Ryan says we already got one but the guy says to tell our friends so we just keep them.We continue our walk home and Ryan starts a conversation.

   "Looks like someone really wants us to go to this Buddy Dinner thing huh?"

   "Oh,I just think they're trying to get as much people to come so they can fund raise."

   "Haha I was kidding (YN)."


   I look down embarrassed.

   "Haha your cute when your embarrassed."

   I blush and then I look up to Ryan but he looks embarrassed too.

   "Why are you embarrassed?"

   "Uhh...nothing.No reason."

   "Umm okay,So the Buddy Dinner thing would you want to go or it isn't your thing?"

   "I don't really know,it's a dance for friends right?"


   "What about you?"

   "Oh,it's not really my thing."

   "You don't like dances?Did you go to one and it just traumatized you?"

   "No...I've never been to one."

   "Oh,why don't you try it out maybe you'll like it."

   "I don't know.Dances involves getting dressed up and socializing with people plus dancing of course.And it's usually a date thing so I'd have to be asked."

   "First,it's Buddy Dinner and you don't need a date.And second,I know a ton of guys that would ask you (YN),you just intimidate them."


   "Because they know you'll reject them before they even get a chance to try since your not a people person."

   "Well what about you huh?I can imagine some girls wanting to go with you."

   "Haha like who?"

   "Well I'm pretty sure Angie would like to go with you."

   "You really want to bring up me going to the dance with Angie?Would you even like that?"




   "Haha,well I know a guy that would probably ask you to the dance."



   I make a disgusted face and Ryan laughs lightly at my reaction.

   "Well you clearly aren't fond of that idea."

   "No!Aren't you mad at him I mean he wrecked our friendship!"

   "Well yeah but it only seems fair to forgive the both of you.It's in the past it doesn't matter."

   "I don't know how you can put something behind you so easily."

   "Because I don't like to hold a grudge,it's not a good feeling plus it's not healthy for a person."

   "Have you of ever held a grudge?"

   "Kind of."

   "Towards who?"

   "My dad."

   It's quiet for a bit.

   "Umm Ryan can I ask you something?"

   "Go ahead."

   "Y-your dad...did he ever hurt you?Not physically but I mean like...I don't know.I just feel like there's more to you and your dad than you tell me."

   "Your right."

   I look up to him and am shocked that he admitted it with no hesitation.

   "But I also feel like there's a lot more to you than what you share with me."

   "What do you mean?"

   "I know were friends and all but even though we do what all friends do there's one thing we don't do...or you don't."

   "What's that?"

   "You don't tell me anything."

   "Yes I do."

   "No you don't,when your feeling sad or upset or if something is bugging you...you don't talk to me about it.I want to help you but I can't if you don't tell me what's bothering you."

   "I don't want to talk about those things though..."

   I look down then I feel him life my head by my chin with his hand.

   "I know you don't that's why I don't push you into doing it because I know it's hard for you.I understand how you feel (YN),I may not relate to what happens to you but I can understand."

   "I appreciate it."

   We continue to walk and it's silent.I begin to feel guilty again.Ryan may not have gotten deep into detail about his life with me but he's at least given me an idea about it.Sure he hasn't gone into detail but at least he still confides in me while I don't even bother to think or want to tell him any secrets about my life and my past.We soon arrive at my house and Ryan walks me to my door.We both stand there for a moment and then I open the door;I walk in ready to close it.

   "Hey (YN),about earlier today,I don't want you to feel like I'm pressuring you to open up to me.I just wanted to make that clear."

   "Oh it's fine,really."

   "Just wanted to make sure you knew.Sorry about it."

   "It's no big deal really,everything's fine."

   "Okay,I'll see you tomorrow."

   "Same time same place."

   He smiles and walks off,I stand by my door and watch him leave.Before he goes far off I call out to him, "Ryan!"

   He looks back at me.

   "Ummm uhh....th-thank you!F-for walking me home."

   "Anytime." He smiles and walks off.I close the door and bite my bottom lip.I suddenly begin to feel an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach,it's almost as if I feel nervous but not exactly the same.I try to shake the feeling but I can't so I decide to try my best to ignore it.I do my homework and then I am left with nothing to do.The day passes by so slow,I wish Ryan were here when I'm with him time goes by so fast and I'm actually amused when I'm with him.At the end of the day I get ready for bed and then go to sleep.

   Basically the rest of the week goes by as usual.I'd get up and walk to school with Ryan let the day pass then after school Ryan would walk me home.I was pretty used to this whole routine by now.On Saturday morning I got up and ate a bowl of cereal being too lazy to fix anything else up to eat.My mom woke up early surprisingly.She took a shower and got ready.I wonder what her plans are for the day,she should have something in mind if she's getting ready this early.My mom walks out in her robe and looks to me.

   "Going somewhere?"

   "Oh right (YN), sweety I'm sorry but I'm actually going out for the day."

   "That's cool I'll just stay home,but where are you going exactly?"

   "Just a girls day out with some friends,you don't mind do you?"

   "No,I'm fine."

   "Okay,well I'll probably get home later so you don't have to wait up for me."


   "Well I'm going to finish getting ready."

   And with that she walked off so she could get ready for her girls day out.Mom's actually been out a lot lately.Well not a lot but more than usual.When I finish eating cereal I go into the living room and watch TV.My mom is finally ready after quite a while,she asks me how she looks and I tell her she looks nice.She tells me she's going to leave now and lets me know what to do if I'm hungry plus some house rules.I really don't get why she does this,I've been left home alone before and I do it everyday so why does she need to act like I've never done it before?She knows she gets home late and she knows I come home from school everyday to an empty house so she should understand that I know how to and don't mind to be home alone.It just annoys me sometimes but it doesn't matter.I continue to watch TV with nothing else to do.After a while I'm really bored but remain watching TV.I hear a knock at the door and I assume it's my mother.She probably forgot something.I go to answer it and I am surprised to see that it's not my mother but Ryan standing there with a smile on his face.


   "What are you doing here?"

   "Are you seriously going to greet me like that every time I come over your house?"

   "Well why are you here?"

   "Not much of an improvement but okay.I came to see you."


   "Because I thought it'd be nice to pay you a friendly visit."

   "Won't your mom get mad if you're here?"

   "(YN) please my mom loves you we've established this already."

   "But what if she doesn't know your here?"

   "She's out with her friends.She actually told me to go to your house so I won't stay home bored."

   "Is she with my mom?"

   "Yeah,my mom actually asked your mom if it was okay if I came over just to be sure."

   "Oh well okay then...come on in."

   I open the door for him and he walks in.He looks around then to me.

   "Why are you staring at me like that?"

   "Oh I was just thinking."

   "Thinking what exactly?"

   "How cute you look in your pajamas."

   I look down and realize that I'm still in my pajamas.I feel so embarrassed,I didn't even bother to change and I have guest over,that guest being Ryan.

   "I-I do not."

   "Yeah you do,haha."

   I feel my cheeks warm up a little and I look down hiding my blushing face.

   "I kind of like you better in my clothes."

   I feel my cheeks warm up even more;I remain with my head face down and cross my arms over my chest.I suddenly feel his presence closer to me,he lifts my head slightly by my chin forcing me to look at his face.

   "Why do you always do this?"

   "What?",he smiles.

   "Lift my head like this."

   "So I can see your pretty face."


   "Because you always look down hiding it."


   "So?Your a beautiful girl,you don't have to hide your face."

   "B-but I'm blushing."

   "I know,it suits you well."

   "I'm embarrassed though..."

   "Don't be...it's cute when you blush."

   I feel my cheeks burning up now and I think the change of color in them is probably pretty obvious to Ryan.

   "I'm blushing even more..."

   "Well now you look even cuter."

   What's with this?My face is on fire right now and I'm not sure what's going on.Ryan keeps making me blush even more with everything he says and he seems totally fine with it!He's acting so calm about everything,how can he manage to say all of this without breaking a sweat.

   "I uh think I'll go change now."

   I head into my room and change into some decent looking clothes.I walk back into the living room and I feel my stomach twist tight at the sight of Ryan sitting on my sofa.I walk over and take a seat on the sofa but I sit a good distance away from him feeling uneasy at the moment.My stomach feels so bad right now I actually fear that I might puke any second right now.

   "Hey you okay?"

   "Y-yeah,why do you ask?"

   "You look like your ready to puke."

   I really hoped it didn't show but clearly it did.

   "I...I'm fine."

   "Why are you sitting so far away?"

   "Oh I uhh,wanted to make sure you were comfortable so I'm giving you your space."

   He then scoots closer to me and I can feel my stomach twist even tighter.

   "W-what are you doing?"

   "Getting comfortable."

   "Why scoot closer?"

   "Because I wanted to,I'm not really a big fan on space.I feel really awkward."

   "Oh umm okay."

   "Why?Do you need your personal space,because if you do I'm invading it right now and I'm really sorry."

   "I-it's okay,I don't really mind."

   We sit in silence for a moment.

   "Hey why don't we go to the park?"?


   "It's fun there,plus there's plenty more to do there than here at your house."

   "Are you saying my housing is boring?"

   "N-no not at all I just thought we could do something."

   "And why can't we do something here?"

   "Because,because,because...I'm sorry."

   I smile and let out a giggle.

   "Why are you laughing?"

   "I was only kidding Ryan,haha!"

   "Oh...so you wanna go to the park then?"


   I smile and I notice a change in his expression.I study his face trying to figure out what his expression could be but he turns his head not allowing me to see his face.

   We both begin to head out for the park;I of course made sure to bring my keys with me and locked the door before we left.As we walk Ryan is the one who is making most of the conversation.Once we get there Ryan grows a sense of enthusiasm.He goes on ahead of me running to a tree.I watch him as he quickly climbs up the tree then disappears into the branches.I run over by the tree and stand under all the branches.I look around for Ryan but I can't spot him.I suddenly notice a figure hidden within the branches of the tree I squint my eyes and look closely,it has to be Ryan it has to.Before I can even confirm if it is Ryan the figure moves,I try to spot it again but I can't seem to do so.I hear constant rustling of branches and try to look wherever I hear the sound from but still no luck.It's grown a bit quiet and I haven't heard any more rustling.I look around me still trying to spot the figure again,I'm positive that it was Ryan but where could he be now?I stand defenseless looking down at the ground.I hear some more rustling but decide to ignore it,I'm suddenly caught off guard with a loud grunt.I look up and right before my eyes is Ryan,our faces are so close to each others and I have no to time to react;the two of us fall to the ground with him on top of me.He looks up at me and his eyes meet mine.He remains motionless on top of me gazing into my eyes.I don't know what to do or how to react,everything happened so suddenly.We remain like this for quite some time and I don't even bother to say anything or move.Am I in some sort of trance again?I need to snap back into reality;I decide to force myself our of this daze,the minute I do I realize Ryan is still gazing down at me.This makes me feel uncomfortable and I decide to bring him back to his senses as well.


   He blinks and realizes that he is on top of me.He immediately backs away then gets up.

   "I'm uhh,I'm sorry." He lends out his hand to me and I take it.He helps me up and I dust myself off.

   "Are you okay?"

   "I'm fine."

   "Ryan your bleeding."

   "I am?Where?"

   "The side of your head,come on lets go back to my house and I'll clean you up a bit."

   The two of us head back to my house and when we get there I tell Ryan to just wait on my bed.I go into the bathroom to get some Neosporin,a band-aid,and rag rinsed in some warm water.I go into my room where Ryan is waiting,I take a seat beside him on my bed and ask him to face me.I get the rag then gently place it on his wound.I notice him staring at me but I ignore it.

   "Hey (YN),you know you have really nice eyes."

   I look to his face and then I look directly at his eyes,they're gorgeous as always.

   "Thanks...yours are nice too."

   "Sorry about this."

   "No it's no big deal,it was an accident haha besides it isn't your fault that you fell."

   "Yeah but I didn't have to climb that tree,if I hadn't then I wouldn't have fell on you.I'm really sorry."

   "Would you stop apologizing,I'm fine." He smiles and I do too.

   I remove the rag from his wound then get the Neosporin and squirt a bit on the tip of my finger.I then gently rub it on his wound.After I do that,I unwrap the band-aid and then place it over his wound.

   "There,you should be fine now."

   "Thanks,you know you could make a good nurse."

   "Haha you think so?"

   "Yup,I'd be your number one patient."

   "I think you'd have to get at least one injury everyday."

   "I'll be sure of that."

   "What?You're crazy!"

   "As long as I get to see you everyday and you treat me,I'm fine with whatever people want to call me."

   I playfully roll my eyes then I look to Ryan who is smiling at me.I smile too and then he scoots closer to me.I don't move I just remain looking at him.

   "Is this alright?"

   "W-what is?"

   "If I sit closer to you."

   "Oh it's fine."



   "Do you mind of I scoot a bit closer?"

   I look down and say, "Not at all."

   I feel him scoot even closer and I begin to feel my stomach tie in knots.I begin to bite the inside of my cheek.He then lifts my head to face him by my chin.My eyes are locked on his and I fear that my body will have a mind of it's own.

   "Am I making you nervous?"


   "This...does it make you nervous?"

   "I'm not too sure..."

   He smiles and places one hand on mine.

   "How about now?"

   I shake my head.

   "Then maybe you should close your eyes."

   I'm not sure what Ryan is thinking or why he wants me to close my eyes but I do it anyways.I'm waiting for him to say something or maybe even some small movement from him but nothing happens.I remain with my eyes closed but now I'm growing a bit impatient.

   "I should go."

   I open my eyes and I realize that he isn't as close to me as he was before.He's also looking down with a strange expression.

   "Ryan are you okay?"

   "Yeah,I'm fine.I just remembered I umm my mom....my mom wants me to take care of some things at home and I forgot so I should get home soon so I could do them.I'll uhh I'll see you later.Oh and thanks for everything again.Bye."

   "Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?Maybe you could get your chores done faster."


   He pauses and then realizes that he has yelled at me.

   "(YN),I'm...I'm sorry I didn't mean to I swear I just...I have to go now.I'm really sorry.Bye."

   And with that he gets up then walks out of my room.I remain seated on my bed,once I hear the sound of a door opening then closing I know he's gone.What's with him?I can't worry too much or else I won't be able to stop thinking about it.He did say he was fine,but I'm sure something is bothering him.The only problem is what could be bothering him?He seemed fine earlier;it was only when we were in my room that he started acting weird but only after he asked me to close to my eyes.What could be bothering Ryan?He looked pretty serious,well maybe he'll tell me later for now I just have to not worry about it too much.

---------------Ryan's POV---------------

   What the hell is going on with me?Why am I acting like this?Why do I feel like this?What's going on?I'm so confused right now and I don't know what's going through my mind.I just have to try and ignore everything get home,then maybe I'll be able to work it out then.

   I get home and I rush into my room.I look at the time and I dread the time that has to pass for my mom to come.Now I'm going to be home bored,if only I could hang out with (YN) but I can't right now.There's too much going on in my head right now I don't know what could happen.I still can't believe I yelled at her.I hope she isn't upset or hurt.Maybe on Monday I could explain to her and she'll understand but how am I going to explain when I don't even know what's going on myself?Well I guess right now all I can do is try and pass time faster by doing some stuff then maybe tomorrow I'll be fine.



   I woke up in the morning and got ready for school.I head over to (YN)'s so we could walk together.When I get there I knock on the door and she opens it with a sweet smiling face,I feel kind of warm inside and smile back.We both head off to school,when we arrive I walk her to class,like usual, and then I head over to my first period.I'm beginning to notice more and more signs about Buddy Dinner around school.In first period I over hear a bunch of people talking about it.I don't know why but I'm somewhat interested in hearing more about the entire thing.

   The day went on and in fourth period Derek and the guys asked me to hang out with them after school.I agreed to go with them.When class ended (YN) and I walked over to our usual spot and just hung out.In fifth period I heard some guys talking about different ways to ask a girl to the dance,I was a bit confused because I thought the dance was supposed to be a friend thing I mean it is called Buddy Dinner for a reason right?

   In sixth period I was glad that I was able to see (YN) again.Class went on and when it ended I packed up my things.I saw (YN) waiting for me and then I suddenly remembered I promised the guys I'd hang out with them.

   "Hey (YN) I'm actually hanging out with the guys today,sorry."

   "Oh it's fine haha.I'll just see you tomorrow."

   She walked off and then I spoke out, "(YN),"

   She stopped and looked back to me.

   "Umm if you want...we could walk off of campus together."

   She smiled and I felt the warmness in my stomach again.


   We walked out of class together and then some people handed us some Buddy Dinner flyers.I made a small joke about it since this was the third flyer we have received.When we reached the front of the school I spotted the guys in the crowd.I asked (YN) if she wanted to walk over to the guys with me and she said yes.The two of us walked over and a few of the guys noticed us coming towards us.

   "Hey Ryan I didn't know you were bringing along your little girlfriend."

   I look to (YN) and she's looking down embarrassed.

   "Aww look she's blushing."

   "Knock it off guys (YN) is just a friend."

   "We'd believe you if it weren't for you blushing right now."

   I place one hand over my face and then I look down.

   "Hahahaha!Were only playing with you man!"

   "So (YN) what brings you over here?"

   "Well I just thought I'd walk with Ryan for a bit.I'll leave soon,I don't want to be a bother or anything."

   "What?A cute girl like you bother us?Please feel free to join us."

   I don't know why but the guys flirting with (YN) really bothers me.I hold my tongue of course because I don't want to come off as a jerk.

   "That's okay,I think Ryan wants to hang out with some guys for a change,he's probably tired of hanging out with me everyday."

   "No I'm not!"

   Everyone looks to me and I feel like a complete idiot.I can't believe I just said that out loud.(YN) looks at me with a blank expression then she smiles.

   "Well I should be going now,I have tons of homework to do.Bye everyone...bye Ryan."


   I watch her leave and I kind of want her to look back to just allow me to see one more smile.

   "Hey Ryan what was that about?"

   "Huh?Oh nothing we just walked out together since we have the same sixth period and all."

   "Well what's the deal with you and (YN)?"

   "Nothing,were just friends."



   "Please Ryan spare us the lies,even if you two aren't a couple there's gotta be something going on between you two."

   "Get real man,besides she doesn't even think of me in that way." At least I think she doesn't.

   "Well what about you?"

   "What about me?"

   "How do you feel about her?"

   "Oh come on,does this really matter?"

   "You avoiding the question just makes it seem more suspicious.Come on tell us,don't you think she's got at least a little something something?"

   "Well she's cute,I guess."

   "Now were talking!"

   "Okay there you guys happy now?Can we go?"

   "Yeah let's go to Derek's."

   We all head over to Derek's and we just talk like guys do and whatnot.Some of the guys are even talking about the Buddy Dinner.When we get to Derek's I text my mom and let her know that I'm at a friends so I'll be home later.Derek offers us some lemonade and chips.He has a frozen pizza that he has to bake in the oven,he makes one of those and when its done he takes it out then cuts us each a slice.We all sit in the living room and everyone just starts talking.

   "This is good pizza Derek,thanks man."

   "Yeah no problem."

   "So that Buddy Dinner thing seems to be trending at school huh?"

   "Yeah well when it's over the topic will die down."

   "You going?"

   "I don't know,I'd have to ask somebody."

   "But it's Buddy Dinner,isn't it supposed to be for friends?"

   "Well yeah but people still go as dates.I mean some people go as friends or in groups but majority are dates."

   "Can two people go as friends?Like a boy and a girl?"

   "Well yeah I guess so but people would think they're going as dates.Why?Have somebody in mind you wanna ask?"

   (YN) immediately pops into my mind but I truthfully had no intentions on asking her.Derek probably knew that I was thinking of (YN) too and it was evident that he knew when he said, "She's a really great catch,I don't blame you for wanting to ask her."

   "Wait who said I wanted to ask her."

   "Well it seems kind of obvious to me,I mean I'd want to ask her too but I know for a fact that she'd say no in a heartbeat."

   "Can you really blame her?"

   "I guess not,but I'm still not giving up."

   "What do you mean?"

   "Look there are tons of guys interested in (YN) there just too scared to ask her out because they know they'll probably get rejected.Anyways (YN) is like a prize right now and all the guys want her.You can think of it like a competition,I'm not out of the competition just yet I'm just backing down a bit.You could call it strategy I guess.I'm just waiting for the right moment to go in and claim my prize."

   "But she kind of hates you right now..."

   "I know,which is why I'm giving her space.When I feel the time is right,I'll go back in and I'll have claimed my victory."

   "How can you be so confident?"

   "I almost had her once but something just got in the way and ruined everything."

   I don't say anything I just stare at Derek uncertain of how to act.Should I be mad?Annoyed?Or just worried.Not only should I be concerned about Derek wanting a shot with (YN) but tons of other guys want her too.Even some of the guys were flirting with her earlier.

   "Hey Ryan I know it's none of my business but you should really make up your mind soon because before you know it someone will snatch her right out of your hands and that someone might not even be me."

   I understand what he means but at the same time I don't.I get that he is saying someone will steal (YN) from me if I don't act fast but the part I don't get is what kind of act does he mean?He said I should make up my mind but about what?I don't get it.I decide to ignore this thought for the moment and just go back to hanging out with the guys.

   When everyone starts leaving I decide it's probably time for me to go too.I head home and when I arrive I do my homework.I tell my mom I ate my friend's house.I get ready for bed then go to sleep.

   I wake up in the morning and get ready.As I get ready I notice a Buddy Dinner Flyer on my dresser.I stare at it for a moment remembering what Derek said yesterday.I look away and ignore the thought.I head over to (YN)'s then the two of us head off to school.

   "Hey Ryan what did you and the guys do yesterday?"

   "Huh?Oh umm we just ate food and hung out."

   "Oh did you guys talk about anything interesting?"

   You mean besides you no.

   "Well umm some of the guys were talking about Buddy Dinner."

   "Really what did they say?"

   "Oh what girls they want to ask or how they're going to ask."

   "Did you mention any names in particular?"

   "Oh no well I uhh I just listened about the stuff.I didn't say anything about it.I don't really plan on going.Why do you?"

   "Oh me?No,I don't think people would ask me."

   You are so wrong about that (YN),actually you several guys lined up probably waiting to ask you at the perfect moment.

   "Haha well I think it's best for the both of us to not go."

   "Right,dances are lame anyways."

   The day goes on like any other typical day.In fourth period I take my seat by Derek and some of the guys are talking.I ignore their conversation but I suddenly hear (YN)'s name brought up and I decide to listen closely.

   "So your gonna ask loner girl?"

   "Well I'm gonna try working the charm first and then see how it goes from there."

   "You know she's just gonna shut you out,it's not even worth it man."

   "But hey she warmed up to Ryan so easily,why can't I try too?"

   "Maybe we should ask him."

   Crap they're gonna ask me about (YN),just act casual like you weren't even listening.

   I feel someone place their hand on my shoulder and I look back.

   "Hey Ryan can we talk to you at lunch?"

   "Uhh yeah sure."

   The period goes by fast and the class ends.I get my stuff ready then I see (YN) walk over to me.


   "Oh actually I promised the guys I'd talk to them at lunch,sorry."

   "Oh,am I really that much of a bother to you that you find the need to avoid me now?"

   "No (YN) it's not that I really enjoy spending time with you but I already told the guys that I'd-,"

   "Hahaha,I'm kidding Ryan.Go have fun with your guys.I'll see you after school,unless of course you decide to blow me off then too."



   I look at her and I smile.

   "What is it?"

   "Nothing its just...never mind."

   "No tell me."

   "Your cute when you laugh."

   She looks at me with a blank expression then looks down.

   "Umm I'll see you later."

   She walks off and before she can walk out the door I call her name, "(YN)," She stops then looks to me.

   "Your blushing aren't you?" I smile and I see her face turn a light shade of pink then she leaves.I look back and realize that Jeremy and Taylor,the two guys who talked to me earlier, were there the entire time.

   "Are you two dating?"

   "Me and (YN)?No were just friends."

   "But she's like a complete loner so how did you do it?"

   "Well she was kind of bipolar at first but I guess I was pretty persistent."

   "Lets go and we'll talk more then."

   The three of us head out to the table where the guys sit.We each take a seat near each other and sit in silence for a moment.

   "So what did you guys want to talk about?"

   "Well to be honest it's about (YN)."

   "What about her?"

   "Before we go on you swear that nothing is going on between you and (YN)?"

   "Were just friends."

   "That little thing earlier sure didn't look like you two were 'just friends'."

   "Well we tease each other sometimes."

   "We find it hard to believe."

   "Were friends,honest."

   "Well does she like you?"

   "Pretty sure she doesn't."

   "And what about you?Do you like her?"

   I feel my stomach tighten in knots and I'm pretty sure its a reaction to the question.I don't like (YN)...do I?No there's no way.

   "No,I don't like her." I feel my stomach tighten even more.

   "You hesitated."

   "Look what's the point of this?"

   "Well Jeremy wants to ask (YN) to the Buddy Dinner and he wanted to get some advice since she seems pretty comfortable with you."

   "What kind of advice?"

   "Just some stuff you could say about (YN) and things like what she likes what she doesn't like.How did you two become so close kind of stuff."

   "Why are you asking me?"

   "Your kind of the only source we have that knows her best."

   "Your right,she doesn't talk to anybody else.What a stupid question,sorry I asked."

   "So do you think I should go all out and ask her with like a bunch of flowers and a sign or maybe that's too much?"

   "Well I think that would scare her a bit,she's not good under pressure and since your a stranger I just think you'd make her uncomfortable.

   "Okay,umm what should I say?"

   "Don't you just ask?"

   "But I would like to tell her that I like her..."

   "How can you like her when you don't even talk to her?"

   "Well I think she's cute."

   "That's not enough of a reason to like a person.Why do you even want to go with her?"

   "Well because I like her..."

   "You don't like her though?You don't even know anything about her so how can you like her?"

   "I never really thought about it before."

   "Isn't there some other girl you do talk to that you might like?"

   "Well there is this one girl but I don't think she'd say yes."

   "And you think (YN) will?Come on think a bit,I think you have a higher chance of going with this other girl than (YN),not that she's to good for you or anything but (YN) isn't the most social girl around."

   "I guess your right.Wow thanks Ryan,I think I'll ask the other girl instead."


   I spent the rest of lunch just sitting and talking to the other guys but I was still thinking about (YN).Sure one guy gave up on her since I talked some sense into him but there are still a bunch of other guys that want her just as much,maybe even more.The thought of a bunch of guys wanting (YN) really bothered me and I'm not sure why.It even bothered me before when Derek took an interest in her and yesterday when the guys were flirting with her.Why does it bother me so much to have guys like (YN)?Actually the real question is why do all these guys want (YN) when they don't even know a single thing about her?Just because she's cute and a pretty girl isn't enough of a reason for a guy to like a girl.I honestly feel like none of these guys deserve to have (YN),I only wish I wouldn't have to worry about more people wanting to ask to her to the dance.There has to be some way to make sure they don't.Do I just announce to the entire student body that nobody can ask (YN) to Buddy Dinner or do I talk them all out of going with her?This situation is just ridiculous but I can't help but fuss over it.Either way,I have to think of someway to put an end to guys trying to win over (YN) when they don't even know the real her.It's not fair and it's definitely not right for them to claim they like (YN) when they only see what's on the outside,not the great person she is inside.She deserves better than them

---------------(YN)'s POV---------------

   The remainder of the school day goes by kind of slow since I wasn't with Ryan,time goes by faster when I'm with him.At the end of 6th period I pack my things ready to go.I wait for Ryan and then the two of us head out.Ryan walks me home and I ask him if he'd like to stay for a bit but he says no,he says that he has too much to do and he shouldn't waste any time.I don't really mind but I begin to wonder if maybe Ryan is tired of me and just making up excuses to not spend time with me.

   The rest of the day goes by pretty slow.I finished my homework but after that I had nothing else to do.I just watch TV and relax for the rest of the day,pretty boring.At the end of the day I got ready for bed and drifted off to sleep.

   The next morning came and I got ready for school.Ryan came and the two of us walked to school together.I still couldn't shake the feeling that he was possibly annoyed by me so I decided to just ignore it.The day went by like usual.I was a but surprised that Ryan had spent lunch with me still thinking he was tired of spending time with me.

   "Hey (YN) after school I want to tell you something."

   "Why can't you tell me now?"

   "Because it has to be after school,so don't make any plans."


   The day goes on but throughout the day I wonder what Ryan could possibly want to tell me.I feel like I'm worrying about it too much and decide to stop thinking about it.In sixth period I see Ryan and it only raises the thought again.What does he want to tell me and why does it have to wait until after school?

   At the end of the period I pack my things and wait for Ryan.I am now anxious to know what Ryan has to say.We walk out of class together then we begin to walk off of school campus.He still hasn't told me anything yet.Did he forget?

   "Umm Ryan..."


   "That thing you mentioned earlier,what was it?"

   He smiles.

   "Come with me to the park."

   "But what about the thing you wanted to tell me?"

   "It has to wait."

   "But you said you would tell me after school.It's after school."

   "How cute you're eager to know what I have to say."

   "I-I am not!"

   "Haha I'll tell you (YN) just be patient."


   "Now come with me to the park,please?"


   We walk off to the park and now I'm even more anxious to hear what he has to say.The entire walk is silent and it only makes it harder to not think about what Ryan wants to tell me.Why do we even need to be at the park?

   We soon arrive at the park and my mind is going crazy.I can't seem to control my thoughts.At the park Ryan is still walking,I guess he want's a specific place to go.I really don't get the point to all of this.If he has something to tell me why couldn't he just tell me at lunch or right after school like he said.Ryan is just irritating me right now.I'd rather just go home than deal with this I've had enough and my patience has reached its limit.

   "Ryan what is going on?"

   "You'll find out soon,I promise."

   I let out a sigh and decide to just put up with it a bit longer.We walk out to a tree,I think this is the tree Ryan fell out of the other day.

   "Did you want to go tree climbing or something?"

   "Wait here,please?"


   He climbs up the tree and I stand at the bottom waiting.What is going on?I'm so confused right now why did Ryan drag me all the way out here and why does he want me to wait for him to climb a tree.What does any of this have to do with what he wanted to tell me?I swear if this is not related to what he wanted to tell me I'm leaving,this is all just a waste of my time.

   "(YN) catch."

   I look up and I see something coming towards me.I reach out and catch it.I bring it down and I see that it's a bouquet of flowers.I smell them and their scent is nice.I allow a smile to come across my face.

   "Alright I'm gonna jump down now but I want you to close your eyes.No peeking okay?"


   I close my eyes and wait for him to come down.I hear a thump and I assume he has jumped off.I remain with my eyes closed.

   "Okay you can open your eyes now."

   I open my eyes and I see Ryan holding some balloons in his hand and a sign.A sign that says, "Buddy Dinner?" I don't know how to react to any of this.What do I say?What do I do?Ryan then walks closer to me and pulls something from behind him.It's Tiko,Ryan's stuffed tiger.

   "Say yes and this guys yours."

   I remain silent and stare at him.

   "What do you say (YN)?Will you come with me to Buddy Dinner?"

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