Let Me In

First of all this is basically a corny love story but it will be interesting I promise ;D Also (YN) means your name,I prefer to use (YN) in order to include yourself in the story to make it more fun for you to read.So umm thats it don’t wanna give too much away and yeah…Enjoy :D


37. Cosequences Are Meant To Be Faced

   I woke up in the morning to find Ryan still laying in bed with me.He was still asleep.I looked at his face.He looked so peaceful asleep.I'm interrupted when I hear a cough.It wasn't Ryan.I turned around and saw my mom standing there with her arms were crossed. "What is the meaning of this (YN)?" I look at my mom but don't give a response.

   I try waking Ryan up by shaking him gently and whispering his name.He slowly opens his eyes until they're fully open and meet mine.He smiles and says, "Morning beautiful." I give a weak smile and he looks confused. "What's wrong?" He gets up and tries to speak again but stops himself when he notices my mom standing in the room.He looks to me and then he looks to my mom.

   "Do you two have an explanation for this?Because if you do it better be a good one."

   "Well we sort of just fell asleep like this."

   My mom shoots him a stern look. "Living room right now." Ryan doesn't say anything.Neither do I.We just get out of bed and follow my mom to the living room.My mom tells us to take a seat so we both sit on the sofa and she stands pacing around the room.

   "A-are you mad?"

   "No...well maybe a little."

   "I'm sorry."

   "What exactly are you sorry for?"

   "I'm not sure really..."

   "Then you don't mean it." It grows quiet. "What did you two do last night?" I look up at her and meet her eyes. "You can tell me anything,you know that."

   "We just hung out,made soup,and then we fell asleep."

   "That's all?"

   "Yes,we didn't do anything mom.Why won't you trust us?"

   "If you were in my position you'd understand."


   "Try having kids first (YN) and then tell how you feel then." She puts her hand over her forehead and then she sighs.

   "Ms.(Your last name),I'm truly sorry for this.I didn't mean to stay the night,it just sort of happened."

   She looks from Ryan to me and then back to Ryan. "I know you two aren't bad kids,but you need to understand.If you saw your child in bed with someone...it's not the best feeling in the world.You just jump to conclusions.I'm sorry to have accused you both of something like that but I'm sure when your older you'll both understand."

   "I completely understand Ms.(Your last name) and I take full responsibility.It was getting late and I knew I should've left but I stayed anyway.I just wanted to make sure (YN) was okay."

   "Your mom told me what happened.I wanted to check on her this morning but was surprised to find the two of you." I look down feeling guilty. "How are you feeling sweety?" I look up and realize she's talking to me.

   "Better,thanks to Ryan."

   "I see." My mom looks from me to Ryan with a smile on her face. "Thank you Ryan."

   "It was nothing really."

   "No,I really appreciate it."

   "I just wanted to make sure she was okay.I couldn't leave her knowing she wasn't."

   "I'm thankful that (YN) has you in her life." Ryan blushes a little but tries hiding it.The phone rings and it calls to my moms attention. "That would be your mom." She goes to answer it and we can hear her talking.The phone call isn't long,my mom returns to the living room when she's done.

   "Is she mad?" Ryan asks.

   "She may have been holding back over the phone,but I think you should explain things to her more clearly."

   "I think I should be leaving now.Again,I'm really sorry this happened."

   "It's fine sweety,bye." Ryan gets up to leave and I get up.I look at my mom and she gives me a look that it's okay.I follow Ryan outside of the house and close the door behind us.I lean back on it.

   "I'm sorry,I got you into some trouble there."

   "It's fine,I mean we didn't do anything wrong."

   "Not that we didn't want to though..." I feel myself go red and Ryan notices so he laughs to try easing the mood. "Again I will say,you make me nervous.And I'll admit though I very much respect you and your mom,hormones are hormones.I can't control how I feel but I can control how I handle it.So I like to think I'm a pretty decent guy."

   "Well I think you're better than all guys that I've met."

   "That's not much honestly,haha you don't talk to anyone (YN)."

   "Learn how to take compliments without saying anything."

   "Haha I'm sorry." It grows quiet. "I should probably go now,my mom is already mad enough I bet."

   "I'll go with you."

   "Now why would you do that?"

   "To help explain things clearly."

   "I'm okay by myself,don't worry."

   "But...I want to."

   "As much as I'd love you to be with me,were both in enough trouble already."


   "You're still in your pajamas (YN)." I look down at myself and realize he's right.I was still wearing my shorts and t-shirt.

   "Oh fine then,good luck."

   "I'll be fine.Bye."

   "What,no goodbye hug?"

   "Mmmm how's about a kiss?" I roll my eyes playfully and then he says, "Yes?" I smile and move in closely.I wrap my arms around his neck and then he leans his forehead on mine. "I honestly feel a little bad kissing you right now."

   "Why?" I say laughing.

   "Your mom just gave us a talk and now here we are outside alone with her inside.I don't know I just feel bad."

   "Don't,were not doing anything bad."

   "Alright close your eyes." I close my eyes and ready my lips.I feel his lips press against my cheek and then I open my eyes. "Sorry haha,I really can't right now."

   "It's fine,I think it's sweet.You respect my mom enough not too." I smile and he smiles back.

   "I love you (YN)." I'm taken by surprise and don't say anything.Instead I answer him with a smile.He walks off and looks back smiling at me.I cross my arms over my stomach now filled with butterflies.I watch him leave and then when he's plain out of sight I go back into my house.


---------------Ryan's POV---------------

   I arrive at my house and take out my key.I open the door and step in.When I enter the house I close the door behind me and put my key away.I walk into the dining room to find my mom sitting at the table.I walk towards her and stand on the other side of the table. "Take a seat." I pull out a chair and sit down.She looks up to me and then crosses her arms over her chest.

   "Mom,I'm really sorry.Really I am.I didn't mean to stay the night it just happened."

   "(Your mom's name) already explained everything but do you know how stupid that was?"

   "I know,I take full responsibility.I know it only made us look bad."

   "Ryan...I trust you.Call me crazy but, even if I found you and (YN) asleep on my bed I wouldn't assume the worst."

   "You wouldn't?"

   "No,I'd be pretty upset because its my bed but I wouldn't think so bad about you two."

   "Then why are you so upset?"

   "Because I was worried about you!Honestly,no call or text?No 'Oh I'll be home late' or 'oh I think I'm gonna stay'.You had me worried sick Ryan.I thought you could have been mugged while walking home.Or maybe you got into another fight.You don't understand how scared I was.I couldn't even sleep!"

   I look at her with guilt in my eyes. "I didn't know..."

   "No you didn't."

   "I'm really sorry mom."


   "No I am.I had no idea you'd be so worried about me."

   "You're my son Ryan.It's only natural for a mother to be so concerned about her own child.Why do you think (Your mom's name) was so upset to find her daughter in bed with a boy?She was concerned about (YN)."

   "I'm really sorry we made this mistake."

   "It's okay...You live and you learn.You learn from you're mistakes."

   "I'm sorry mom."

   "It's okay.Now go take a shower,you haven't changed since yesterday."

   "Okay." I get up and push my chair in.Before I take another step I pause and look back. "Thanks for worrying about me mom."

   "It's only because I love you."

   "I know...thanks.I love you too." I leave and head upstairs to take a shower.When I finish I head into my room to change and I spend the rest of the day in my house.

   The weekend goes by pretty fast.On Monday morning I get up and ready.I eat a peach and then throw it away when I finish.I make my way over to (YN)'s house and the two of us walk to school together.I walk her to class and then head to my class.The bell rings and I head into class.I take my seat and wait for the day to start.

   Each class went by faster than the rest.I wasn't sure why but I didn't think too much about it.I just stayed concentrated in class.When I got to fourth period I was relieved to know that lunch was next.In the middle of class someone came into the classroom and spoke with the teacher.I didn't pay to much attention to it.Then the teacher called my name.I looked up and saw both their faces looking at me. "Principals office." I get up but before I take a step they tell me to take my things.I pack my stuff and grab my back pack.I head outside of class and I can hear the class going 'ooohhh' but I ignore it.We walk off with me following close behind.

   "Can you tell me what this is all about?"

   "I think you already know."


---------------(YN)'s POV---------------

   When the bell rings for lunch I make my way out of class and head over to my tree.I sit against the trunk and work on my homework waiting for Ryan to arrive.When I finish my homework from two classes I realize it's been awhile and Ryan still hasn't came.I wonder if he was running late.

   When lunch ends I wait a bit longer by the tree to see if Ryan would show up but he didn't.I walk off to class and decide to ask him about it after school.Maybe he had to stay in class for something.I try not to think about it too much.I continue to go about the day like any other.After class ends I head to sixth period.As I'm walking I suddenly remember what happened Friday in class.I decide to try ignoring him at all costs and if Derek looked at me I just keep looking down.I can't show any sign of interest at all and if I accidentally make any contact whatsoever I just roll my eyes.I decide to just follow my plan.

   I walk into class and take my seat.When the bell rings class has started.I am surprised when I notice that Derek isn't in class.I actually feel somewhat relieved,now I don't have to worry about him staring at me in class.Once class is over I pack my things and walk out.I wait standing against a wall.Pretty soon there's nobody left around me.They've all left and I'm still here waiting for Ryan.I decide to leave,maybe he was waiting for me out front.When I make it to the front of the school there's still no sign of Ryan.I stand and wait a little longer but he's a no show.I was trying to spot Ryan this entire time that I didn't even notice Michelle's car.When I spot it I wonder if maybe they were waiting in the car.I walk over and expect to be greeted by Michelle but instead I see that she's not there.No one is in the car and it's locked.I'm certain that it's Michelle's car though.I begin to grow concerned.I check the time and decide that I should go home.I could explain to Ryan tomorrow that I had to leave but I really think he should be the one doing the explaining.

   I arrive home and finish my homework.I look at the time and wonder if Ryan is home by now.I try to not worry so much but I can't help it.I have to be at least a little concerned.I heat up some of the left over soup for dinner.As I eat it I think about Friday night.Then I remember Saturday morning.Maybe Ryan got in trouble.His mom must've been really upset and grounded him or something.Maybe that's why he wasn't at lunch and why I didn't see him after school.His mom probably said he can't see me for a while.I guess it wasn't much of a big deal then.I was worried over nothing,still it's gonna be pretty boring if I can't see Ryan for the next couple of days or maybe even weeks.It seems like a fair punishment though.I finish my soup and wash my dish.I head to my room and get ready for bed.I lay down and then I fall asleep.


   The next morning I get up and ready for school.I eat some cereal and then I get ready to leave.I make my way out the door and then I suddenly remember Ryan.I think about last night and decide to leave,if his mom doesn't want him to see me then I guess that means no walking to school together.I make my way to school and head to my first period.The day goes on and by the time lunch comes I don't even bother waiting for Ryan because I know I won't see him.I spend my lunch the way I always do and wait for the bell to ring.

   Fifth and sixth period were pretty normal,only today Derek was in class.I stick to my plan and I am relieved that I made it through an entire period without so much as looking up at him.After class I pack my things and get ready to go.When I step outside of class I see Ryan standing there.

   "Ryan...what are you doing here?"

   "We need to talk."

   "But you're in trouble,you can't be here.You should go." He looks at me confused.Maybe he isn't in trouble? "Didn't your mom get mad?"

   "Yeah but for a different reason."

   "So you're not in trouble?"


   "Then why weren't you at lunch yesterday?And after school you didn't come either."

   "I'll explain."

   "Go on."

   "Can we go somewhere more private first?"

   "Okay." I think for a moment and decide we should go to the tree.Its always empty after school.I lead the way and when we arrive I lean against the trunk and face Ryan. "Okay,shoot."

   "I don't know where to start..."

   "You could explain why I didn't see you at lunch." I tease but he doesn't laugh,he doesn't even smile. "Ryan?"

   "Yesterday in class,I got called in from the principals office.They sent someone to get me." He pauses.I don't say anything allowing him to go on. "I wasn't sure why at first then when I got there I saw Derek sitting in the office.I kind of figured what it was about after seeing him."


   "The fight Friday,they wanted to talk to us about it.They needed to settle some consequences."

   "Consequences?But you didn't do-,"

   "I threw the first punch (YN).I tackled him to the ground and I threw the first punch.Derek could vouch for self defense but I started it.It's my fault."

   "But Derek was asking for it.He provoked you.He started it."

   "Psychologically yes.Physically,no."

   "But that's not fair."

   "Rules are rules."

   "Let me talk to them.We can settle this."

   "No (YN).They asked for any close witnesses and I didn't give any names,especially yours.I made sure that you didn't seem involved at all."

   "Why would you do that?"

   "Because I didn't want you to get involved.I didn't want you to get into any trouble."

   "You can't do that Ryan.It's my choice!My decision whether I get in trouble or not.And I wouldn't mind getting in trouble if it meant standing up for you."

   "It wouldn't have a made a difference (YN)."

   "Yes it would've."

   "No...you don't understand."

   "Yes I do.If you had let me speak for you,you wouldn't have gotten in trouble."

   "It wouldn't have a difference (YN).In my case I face the consequences either way."

   I'm rather annoyed by this point but I speak anyway. "Well what are the consequences?" He doesn't speak up. "Ryan?"
 He looks down. "Ryan tell me!" He continues to ignore me.I take a step towards him and lift his head by his chin so that he is facing me.He has a look of guilt in his eyes. "Ryan tell me...what's wrong?"

   "I have to leave."


   He pauses for a moment then speaks again, "I'm expelled (YN)...I'm leaving."

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