If I Die Young

Jenna is your typical fifteen year old, besides the fact that she's been spending most of her life living in a hospital, being one of the unlucky few with Cystic Fibrosis, doctors have been telling her that she isn't expected to live a very long life, but she just refuses too give up, now, she's always told she has her head in the clouds, and needs to snap back to reality, but how could you expect her too, when her fantasies are brighter than her reality?


3. Chapter 3

"And then what!?!" Anna demanded

"After he told me his name-which is Jason- I made a run for it" I answered, she smacked my arm "uh, OOOOOWWWW, What the heck was that for!" I grumbled, as I rubbed my, now red, arm "YOU TARD, YOU FINALLY HAD A BOY TALK TO YOU, AND YOU RAN" she shouted "I had to!! Gretel was catching up to me!!" she huffed, crossing her arms "is he as cute as everyone says he is?" she asked, hopfully, I shrugged "he's okay...I guess....if you're into stunning blue-grey eyes, and choclate, slightly curly finges, and the smell of strawberry shampoo...then yes" I anwsered, He is quiet good looking, if you're into that kind of thing "oh snap, you've got a crush" "I MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT" I shouted, she smirked "oh just admit it, it's not such a bad thing" I pouted, crossing my arms, no "But I just met him" she rolled her eyes "you've never met One Direction, or Tyson Rittiler" she pointed out, I groaned "It's Ritter, Ritter!!" she rolled her eyes "whatever, you still get my point" I sighed, followed by a huff "oh stop that, c'mon, it's lunch time, do you want to eat in here, or in the caf?" she asked, we usually ate on the roof, when we can sneak away, and when I need quite, or my/her room, but I'm in the mood for something different "to the caf we go!!" "up, up and awaaaaay!" I shouted, pumping my fist in the air, running out of the room, Anna walking behind me, and boom, I hit into someone's chest, and their hands, grabbed my forarms, they chuckled, I looked up, eyes going wide "we gotta stop meeting like this" I mummered, he laughed "nice running into you,...again" he smiled, dimple! he has one dimple, on his left cheek "hahaha, very funny" I huffed, sarcastcly, who the frack smiles this much?

his eyes looked past me, he cocked his head to the side "who's this?" he asked "uh..this is Anna, my friend" I just realized...his hands are still on me...peasent please! 

he slowly removed them, holding his hand out, and Anna shooked it "nice to meet you" he said, smiling "sup" she replied, nodding her head, he smiled kindly "I gotta run, but I'll catch you later, Jen" he said, walking away, Anna put a hand over her heart "Someone call a doctor, or a porno directer, which ev-" I smack her over her head "HEY!" I chuckled, and started running, as she tried to get me back

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