If I Die Young

Jenna is your typical fifteen year old, besides the fact that she's been spending most of her life living in a hospital, being one of the unlucky few with Cystic Fibrosis, doctors have been telling her that she isn't expected to live a very long life, but she just refuses too give up, now, she's always told she has her head in the clouds, and needs to snap back to reality, but how could you expect her too, when her fantasies are brighter than her reality?


2. Chapter 2


     "Lets go do something" I said, after a while of sitting around in Anna's room, watching T.V  "Like what?" she asked, I shrugged "run around, try not to get caught" I said, smirking, she rolled her eyes "fine, maybe, I heard there's a new patient, some sex god, or something" I burst out laughing "ya naughty, jesus, what, have you seen him?" I asked, she shooked her head "just gossip" she said, I nodded "Well...you up for some investigating?" I asked, smiling mischievously, she sighd "okay fine, but we have too be quick! Doctor needs too see me, at noon" I chuckled "We'll be back well before then" "Promise?" She asked "ankle swear" I assured, wrapping our ankles together(almost falling off the bed, in the process)

"so, what's the plan?" Anna asked, as we were crouched down, behind one of those wheelie thingies the cleaning ladies use "Cherrie says I need lots of exorcise, so that's just what we're going too do" I answered, smirking, she groaned "okay, this time, just wing it, but lets keep the chase up" I whispered, as she stood up, and walked over to Miss.Gretel "uh, Miss? I need too tell you something..."  Anna mumered to her, as I got up, sneaking behind the main desk, crouching down, spotting what I was looking for, the keys to the whole hospital, bingo "what!" Gretel snapped "Watch your behind!" She giggled, and started running, as I snatched the keys from her back pocket, where they were partly sticking out "you pest!!" She shouted, as she spotted me, but I was already down the hall, turning, grabbing Anna's arm, hiding in a clostet, chuckling as we heard some staff yelling, trying to find us, after a few minutes, I opened the door, and we ran out "Go, go, go!" I instructed

and she took off, as I was about to..but instead, I bumped into someone, causing both of us to crash to the floor, me ontop, with someone's arm slinged around me, I looked down, my eyes widening "well, hello to you to" the boy smirked "uhhhh...Hi, sorry" I said, standing up, as he did the same "No problem" he reasurred, smiling

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