"Ok Styles, let's start wit-" "With what? You really that I can spill things that easily?" The new reporter had the tape recording. across the table was Harry. "No, but I need you to say the basic things. Her name, her age, and her story." Harry looked at the reporter and sighed, "Ok. Her name is Anastasia. She was 18 and her story is the one she left written in her notebook. I called her story... Ana..."


2. Chapter 1

"Fame... fame was all in his head. Caring only about himself. Getting the most expensive things he would always want. Clothes, vehicles, mansions, drinks, materials... anything. He has yet abused me again fro the 15th time... and still counting. I just wished he could stop and just be with the people he loves..."

It was all Anastasia wrote in her small diary on her desk. she loved to read and write. Much more that what her boyfriend, Harry Styles, loved. He loved what he will desire. He would go to parties, festivals, and every single activity that will always include him getting drunk; ending up coming home and hurting Anastasia once again.

She looked right there at the bed. Where he was laying on, passed out and yet, still a bit tipsy. She silently tipped-toed out of the room and downstairs. Grabbed her sweater, and placed on her boots. Silently walked out the door, closed it and went to her favorite coffee shop. When she walked in, there sat her good friend, Liam Payne.

Liam noticed her, and noticed the bruise on her cheek. He stood up, shocked and walked up to her quickly. He lightly touched the bruised cheek, she winced.

"You ok Ana?"

Liam looked at her worriedly and scared. Ana shook her head. The past was the band 'One Direction' but now, Harry is a very popular soloist, making billions of dollars every single year. That made him have fame into his head. He suddenly knew why she wasn't ok... Harry.

"Sit Ana, we need to talk about him..."

Ana followed him, sat right across from him and just looked down. A waiter came by and asked,

"May I get you something to drink?"

Liam looked at me and I nodded,

"Yes. 2 sticky buns and 2 orange juices please..."

The waiter walked off. It was silent, dead silent. Until Liam broke the silence,

"Ana, I'm worried. After the band broke up, he wasn't the same. You dated him even before the band broke up..."

"I know Liam, but there isn't a way that I can change him..."

"There has to be Ana... just think about it ok?"


Hours later after Ana had a nice small breakfast with Liam, she walked back to the mansion. Once she crept inside, silently, suddenly a husky voice came,

"Where have you been?"

Ana froze, realizing that she had been caught by Harry. Shivers ran through her spine. He walked up to her slowly and still said,

"I said, where have you been?"

Nothing... nothing has been said from her voice.

Harry walked up to her and slapped Ana right at the bruised cheek, and yelled,

"When I fucking ask you 'where have you been,' it means you better fucking damn answer!"

She looked at him with anger, still saying nothing, she ran up to their bedroom. Locking the door and went straight to her desk. Taking the key necklace and putting the key in the lock on the desk's drawer, opening the drawer. Grabbing the notebook inside the drawer and writing

 "I promise myself and to Liam... I will find a way to make you change. I promise..."

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