The dark side

It all happens at midnight no one know where or when but it did and nothing will be the same ever again


2. The Pain

I know this might sound weird but I kind off like the way he hurts me. Every time he throws a punch or a kick it kind makes me excited. I know many might see it as abuse but I thinks it's sexy. Just thinking about it makes me want him. I thinks he's bad for me and he knows it but he is irresistible in every single way possible. Oh look here he is now. Why were you with him last night you know what I'm sick of fucking putting up with your shit you cunt you just going around fucking everything that moves. This is just a normal day I guess he's been worse. I really don't care though as long as I get dick I'm fine with it. That's the only reason I'm really with him money and sex. He knows that because of the agreement we had in the beginning.

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