The Story Behind the Paper Airplane Necklace (A Harry Styles Fan Fic)

"In my hour of death I write my last and final copy of my will, I give you what I believe you deserve the most. To my beautiful daughter Linda I leave my car, to her handsome son I leave four hundred and fifty dollars. To my son William I leave my house in hopes it will give you the perfect shelter for your rather large yet beautiful family of four daughters, a son and a beautiful wife. To Cassandra, Jessica and Tiffany three of my four granddaughters I leave four hundred and fifty dollars each. To Mike my grandson I leave four hundred and fifty dollars also. Finally to my beautiful and favorite granddaughter Lillian Rose Montgomery, my flower, I leave the rest of my earthly possession, including money. Most important Lillian I leave you my paper airplane necklace, you took such great interest in, and the diary that can only be opened with paper airplane charm itself. Read my most favorite memories and find the story behind the paper airplane necklace you have longed to know through out the years. With great amount of love Rose Lillian Montgomery. P.S If I find that you tried to take what I left to my Lilly Rose I will haunt you." ~~~ When Lillian's grandmother dies she is left with most of her earthly possessions, including the one thing Lilly always found beautiful and knew held her grandmothers greatest secret, a paper airplane necklace. Also a diary her grandmother, Rose, kept and it holds the story behind the paper air plane necklace. As Lillian reads the story she is over come with so many questions and doesn't know how to get the answers, but she will get answers to her questions. She also finds herself falling in love with the story.


2. {1}How it all Started

It started off as a normal school day, little did I know I would be getting an E-Mail that would change my life forever. I like many other girls all over the world had fallen under the spell of the biggest boy band ever, One Direction. The dreamiest guys to ever walk the Earth, I entered in so many contest I couldn't keep track.

"Rose did you hear? Did ya hear, did ya?" My best friend Kirsten Johnson screamed as she literally pushed people out of her way to get to me at my locker. She is just like me, a directioner, who always seems to have the latest gossip and I don't mean just within the fandom, but in the school too. We were made fun of for our obsession with the British/Irish boy band, because we are seniors in high school. We were told repeatedly that were to old for them, but in reality were the right age.

"What?" I laugh as she pushes one last kid out of her way and slightly trips on her untied shoelace. Kirsten was funny, and loud but when the time came she could give a harsh silent treatment. She is on the taller side with grey eyes and black hair.

"There is another contest! All we have to do is get three more people and make a music video for any song off of Midnight Memories, then we send it in, the best video gets five backstage passes, five front row tickets, a limo ride to the concert and personal meet and greet with the boys!" She whisper yells so no one else can hear.

"Really?" I almost cry, this is a dream come true. "When does it have to be in by?" I add quickly, knowing her we probably have months.

"Today at two fifteen, because they want to award the winner today at nine thirty." She says and I want to slap her. "We could get Mckenzie to help, she can do the camera work, Kennedy could help too, and Taylor would help. We could skip school and go do it now." She offers and I nod frantically. We both run to find Taylor, Kennedy and McKenzie.

Once we found them all we explained what was going on and they agreed, we hurried out of school and went straight to Kennedy and Mckenzie's house. They had the best place to do this. After hours of planning we finally shot the video for 'Diana'.

It started off with Taylor picking on Kennedy, then it went on with Kennedy cutting her wrist and gagging herself to lose weight (special affects were used) as the intro played Kirsten and I walk out and stop Kennedy (or Diana in this case) and we sing the song each time our 'Diana' was causing herself less harm to herself. At the end of the video we added a small message about self harm and bullies. We sent it off of my E-Mail just in time.

We waited hours in the back yard at Kennedy and Mckenzie's house, talking about what we'd do if we actually won. When nine thirty came around we were still telling our stories. "Oh my God I so would bring handcuffs and handcuff them all to me until I got their numbers." Kennedy said making us all laugh when suddenly my phone beeped signaling a new E-Mail.

With shaky hands I swiped my finger across the screen and typed in 'Styles' and opened the E-Mail. My heart stopped when I read it.



Re: Prize Details

Hello girls, my name is Kathryn Thomas I am the one holding the contest you entered. We loved your video and it was a hard choice between yours and another groups, but we decided yours is the way to go. But to be fair we gave the final decision to the boys and they chose yours. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE WON! We would appreciate it if you came to our head office Saturday at noon for the details, all five girls and we will need each of you to bring a parent or guardian along. We will give you the address if you reply saying you can make it, we need your answer by Thursday at noon. Again congratulation Rose, Kirsten, Kennedy, McKenzie and Taylor.

To say we screamed and fan girled was the biggest understatement of the year. That night I showed my parents the E-Mail and they said yes. They knew about me skipping school, but I told them if I didn't, I wouldn't have won and I would have bothered them until they could get me what the prize offered.


The E-Mail addresses are fake, just wanted to make that clear. How do you like it so far yay or nah?

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