Living In The Shadows

18 year old Logan Sanders is the daughter of Matthew Sanders. Better known as M.Shadows, the lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold. She has a few tattoos, not as many as her father though. She lives in his shadow, the only thing she's known for is being his daughter. Being best friends with the guys of Hollywood Undead, they encourage her to put the amazing voice she inherited from her father to use. When she does, her father and his band mates are amazed by her voice. They knew she could sing, but not as good as she can. And finally she gets out of the shadows, right into the spotlight.


3. One

Logan's POV


"Logan?" My mom called.


"What?" I asked, walking into the kitchen where she was.


"Uh, you need to get your stuff packed by next week, the guys are going on tour for their new album." She told me.


"Alright." I sighed, walking upstairs. I didn't really like touring, I've been going with them since I was about eight. It gets boring seeing the same places after a while. I heard a knock at the door downstairs and a bunch of loud talking. I decided to go downstairs to see who it was.


"Logan!" Zacky yelled.


"Hi." I giggled, sitting on the arm of the couch.


"So, what's new, monster?" Syn asked. He's always called me monster, I wasn't sure why but it kind of just stuck.


"Nothing." I shrugged.


"No boyfriends? Cause if you got one I'm gonna kill him." Syn smiled.


"No, that's my job!" My dad laughed.


"What the fuck?" I laughed.


"They're weird, don't mind them." Johnny shook his head.


"So you guys are going on tour again?" I asked.


"Yeah, you're coming with us right?" Arin asked.


"Kinda have to." I shrugged.


"So you don't want to?" My dad asked.


"No, I do. It's just I don't really have a choice." I explained.


"Oh." They all nodded.


"So, where are we going first?" I asked.


"Chicago." Zacky told me.


"Alright, well I have plans with the guys in like an hour, so I need to go get ready." I said, getting up.


"The HU guys right?" My dad asked.


"Yeah, what other guys do you know of that I hang out with?" I asked.


"All those people from YouTube." He said.


"Oh, right. Well, yes the HU guys." I said, walking upstairs. I got dressed in my Tampa Bay Lightning jersey and white skinny jeans. I added black Vans, a few bracelets, and black rhinestone studs. I curled my hair, did my makeup, grabbed my phone, and went back downstairs.

"What time are you coming home?" My dad asked.


"I don't know, we're just going out for lunch so I shouldn't be gone to long. I'll text you though." I told him. I grabbed my keys off the hook and went out to my car. I drove to Busby's, where we decided to meet. It was a sports bar that we always hung out at, even though I was still to young to drink no one asked for my age. They figured that since I was with them I was old enough. When I got there, they were already at the bar waiting for me.


"Hey, guys." I smiled, sitting in a bar stool in between Charlie and Johnny.


"Hey, Logan." They all smiled.


"We thought you forgot." Danny said.


"Nope, I was talking to the guys about the new tour and kind of lost track of time." I said.


"That's right, they came out with that new album a few days ago." Kurlzz said.


"You should be their opening act." Johnny said, sipping his drink. 


"What can I get you?" The bartender came over to me.


"Just a beer will be fine." I smiled at her then looked back at the guys, "Why would they want me to be their opening act?" I asked.


"You got that amazing voice form your daddy, maybe you could stop living in his shadow as we call it." Funny laughed.


"The thing is, they don't know how good her voice is." J half smiled, looking at me.


"How about we stop talking about me, and get our food?" I laughed.


"I agree." Charlie smiled.

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