The dragon poison

Rose is no ordinary witch. This doesn't have anything to do with the fact that her parents are Hermione and Ron Weasly. No this is something totally different. Rose is a dragam. Find out happens to Rose in The Dragon Hybrid.


3. Time Turner

Before I changed anything I decided to go earlier in time and watch myself through the window of my room. Luckily when I came back in time I was in the neighborhood.

When I came to my house and snuck up to the window. Luckily it was in the back so no one would see me. I stuck my head up looking through the window and waited for my five year old self to come running in 'crying.'

Before I saw myself come in I saw the dragon appear.

It would be do easy to go in there and get the dragon out...

My younger self came running in and before I knew it the same nightmarish thing happened except this time I saw the whole thing from the side lines.

Ok now to Hogwarts so I can erase the record of me being a dragam.

When you become a dragam it is recorded in the book you are registered in when you are born. Off to king cross station. I decided it would be easier to get there by traveling a few minutes ahead of now so I can get there easy. I did so and borders the train.

I decided to speed things up and when no one was looking went to the Hogsmede station. Well I got us to the station faster anyways. I got off and ran to the castle.

As it came into view I gasped. It was magnificent. As I got up to the gates I stopped. They were locked and i knew they weren't going to open with just an opening spell.

I looked around wondering what to do when I heard a noise-someone was coming out of the building! I ran around the side of the building so they wouldn't see me.

As they opened the gate to leave they seemed to have forgotten something. This was my chance! I hurriedly came around the building and came in quietly. I decided to hide in the shadows instead of walk inside because I had a better chance of not being seen.

I waited and waited but the person was taking a while. Why? I soon heard the answer peeves had decided to cause some ruckus. I smiled and walked inside knowing I had a while.

Hmm... Where would the book be? Maybe in someone's office? The only problem is I don't know where anything was. I looked around and after 30 minutes to an hour I found the room.

I opened the door slowly afraid someone would be in there nobody was so I walked in quickly. I saw the book and the magic quill and looked through the book. I found my name and saw the word dragam written clearly beside it. I grabbed this stuff called wite out(a muggle thing) and brown paint. I whited out the word dragam and put paint over it so it looked like the rest of the page.

I looked over my handiwork it didn't look like I had done anything! I went back to my time a few minutes after the time I left like Hermione (oh and you may be wondering why I'm calling her Hermione I'm only calling her that for those that are reading this) said and she smiled.

"Did it work?" She asked standing up from the bed.

"I'm pretty sure it did." I said and Hermione pulled me into a hug.

As we stood there embracing Ron came in "Din-" he stopped short we both had tears streaming down our faces.

"Uh- what's wrong?" He asked awkwardly. 

"Have you read today's daily prophet?" Hermione asked him.

"No- Why?!! Did someone get hurt or-" He stopped before he said 'killed' glancing at me.

"Oh no,nothing of the sort!" Hermione exclaimed briskly.

"Well than-"

"Lets just go eat we'll talk about it later." I said grabbing a tissue to wipe my eyes before I exited the room.


After we ate Ron, Hermione, and I went into their room and closed the door. I explained what happened and we sat in silence for a few moments.

"So why didn't you guys talk to me before Rose left?" Ron asked slightly annoyed.

"Because you were busy plus I knew you wouldn't mind." Hermione answered.

"But even though Rose isn't a dragam in the book that doesn't mean she isn't for real life." Ron said "What are we going to do about those six hours?"

"We are going to ask Neville to help her find someplace to stay during that time since we personally told him about Rose." Hermione said as if it was obvious.

"Ok I guess that works." Ron answered.

And that was that.

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