The dragon poison

Rose is no ordinary witch. This doesn't have anything to do with the fact that her parents are Hermione and Ron Weasly. No this is something totally different. Rose is a dragam. Find out happens to Rose in The Dragon Hybrid.


1. becoming a dragam

Rose is five years old living in a family with her brother Hugo, mom and dad (Hermione and Ron). She lives in a small house. Just enough room for her family. 

This is a happy family. Hugo and Rose see their cousins James, Lily, and Albus a lot and they are also happy. Ron and Hermione never talk really talk about school because of all the things they did with Harry.

There is just one problem.. Rose is a dragam. A dragam is like a werewolf but instead of being bit by another werewolf you are bitten by a dragon.Ok so it's not exactly bitten...


When Rose became a dragam...  (from Rose' s point of view)

"Mommy, mommy, hold me, hold me!" I said. Mommy was busy doing something so she just put up a finger. Uh. Why can't Mommy and daddy just pay attention to me whenever I want them?

I then ran to my room crying pretending so mommy would hold me. While I was lying on my bed 'crying' I didn't realize there was a mini poison dragon in my room. It came  over to me and looked at me. Before I could do anything it breathed poison fire on me. 

Poison fire isn't really fire it's just called that because most dragons breathe fire. Poison fire changes you. The poison enhances your senses so you can hear, smell,and see really good. It also makes you sometimes go into a trance where you don't remember anything you do and apparently when this happens we become reckless and hurt anyone around you that you aren't closely related to or a really good friend to.

There is something else bit I don't remember what it is so sorry...



When the dragon got to Rose she started screaming bloody murder and both Ron and I ran to her. When we saw her we knew exactly what had happened and we didn't even see the Dragon. You see after the Dragon has gotten someone it disappears and goes back to where it was born So that's why it wasn't stuck in the room when we came in.

"Rose, Rose!" I screamed stunned. She stayed unmoved.

"Rose are you there!?!" Ron asked wide eyed shaking her.

"Wha- what happened? Why are you so scared?" Rose asked sitting up and looking around "and why can I smell see and hear so good?"

"Be-because you are a-a Dragam" I stuttered.

"A Dragam." Ron repeated grimly.

You may think that it is just what Rose explained earlier but it's more than that.

Being a dragam means that she is different. She sees things no one else can. She says and does stuff that she can't control. But the tying that scares people the most is that when she goes into that state of mind that she can't remember anything she can breath poison fire that makes others like her. She said she can't hurt people she's close to but she can. It's not as bad as everyone else because we can't breath poison fire but we hurt others instead.

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