The dragon poison

Rose is no ordinary witch. This doesn't have anything to do with the fact that her parents are Hermione and Ron Weasly. No this is something totally different. Rose is a dragam. Find out happens to Rose in The Dragon Hybrid.


2. August 25, diagon alley

Rose (11)

As we walked into diagon alley it hit me... It was really happening-I was going to Hogwarts!

I know what you are thinking-uh didn't you already know you were going? Didn't you get the acceptance letter? Well I did but now it's really hit me.


We got all our stuff we went and saw uncle George, aunt Angelina, and Fred(my cousin).

"Hey guys!" George said cheerfully as he saw us walk into the building. "Angelina, Fred, Roxanne the weaselys are here!"

As they came down the stairs their faces broke into huge smiles-we always are getting together since Fred and I are about the same age and Hugo and Roxanne are the same age we can do activities together.

Of course Fred is going into his second year at Hogwarts so we won't be sorted the same year it'll still be fun.

After we had been there for like 30 minutes my dad said " well we better go get their wands. I wanted to leave the best for last."


I ended up getting a wand that is 8inches made of ash wood and had a core of one golden hair of a unicorn.



(The next day)



More and more poison dragons are seen each day

Poison dragon sightings are being seen and the wizarding community is getting worried. People around the world are getting poisoned and " it's spreading like wild fire!" Charlie weaselys states when we ask him what he thinks.

Saint mungos keeps receiving patients they can't help "because once you been breathed on there's no going back" says an anonymous healer. The ministry is trying their hardest to find a cure but so far no such luck.

This was the front page news that I read in the morning. But as I turned the page I gasped. Here's why...

Hogwarts not accepting dragon poisoned wizards/witches

Hogwarts has now closed its gates to dragams because 'there have been accidents and we don't want any students getting hurt'...

I couldn't read any more. I stifled a sob and ran to my room. I wasn't going to Hogwarts because they had banned us.

So you may think it's bad but my mum made a medicine type thing that helps me and it made it so I don't breathe poison but the only problem is now I can actually turn into a mini dragon weekly.

(Well actually every two weeks)

This is pretty much what lupin did except his was caused but the full moon and he was bitten not breathed on.

I was hoping that maybe professor Longbottom would be able to help me find somewhere I could go for the six hours I was transformed but now that wasn't possible.

"Honey." hermione said quietly rapping on the door. "Can I come in?"

"I guess." I reply softly.

She comes in and sits on the end of my bed.

"So you read the article?" I ask miserably.

"Well yes because I say you run off crying and I went in the kitchen to see why and the paper was open. I read it and immediately knew what was the matter." Hermione replied quickly.

"But I know a way you can get to school without anyone knowing." Hermione said thoughtfully.

"And what is that?" I asked hopefully sitting up.

"We could go back in time and write that you haven't gotten poisoned but then we tell Professor Longbottom that you just barely got poisoned and he'll help you in those six hours every two weeks." Hermione said.

"Why don't we just go back and make it so I don't get poisoned in the first place." I ask her thinking it obviousness.

"Because the ministry made it so if you do something like that it doesn't do anything." Hermione answered.

"Ok let's try it!" I said jumping up. Maybe I could go to Hogwarts after all!

Hermione went and grabbed her time turner like the one she used in school and handed it to me. "You're not coming?" I asked.

"I thought this was more something for you to discover by yourself than me." Hermione said "oh and before I forget, come back at about the same time now but make sure a few minutes after and not before."

"Got it." I reply and spin the turner to about six years before...


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